The Journey - Brandon Bays With Lynne McTaggart

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Brandon Bays, leading mindbodyhealing expert and international best-selling author of The Journey, is regarded as having pioneered one of modern times most profound new paradigms for healing. Through her own experience of healing from a tumor in only 6 12 weeks with no drugs or surgery, she discovered a way of tapping into the body's own innate wisdom so that healing could take place at a cellular level. Since that time in 1994 the work she has pioneered, Journeywork, has helped thousands of people worldwide heal from an array of issues such as physical illnesses, depression, dependency and emotional disorders.

She recently teamed up with leading scientist and author Lynne McTaggart for an evening's discussion exploring the link between science and spirituality. Lynne McTaggart has established herself as the foremost commentator on science and spirituality through her best-selling books 'The Field' and 'The Intention Experiment', and through her tenacious and exhaustive research has demonstrated the links between spirituality and science, and especially quantum physics.