This Should not be possible?

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Why Heaven Abdicated Their Responsibility to Life
22 November 2008

All out in the open...

Our own individual personal, self-important self-validated reality was challenged. This individual personal, self-important self-validated reality incorporating only ourselves, wherein nothing else or no-one else was of interest or consideration, but only ourselves individually, personally thats it.

Hence all dimensional beings never had to participate directly here on earth within the imprisonment of human beings within the physically manifest mind consciousness system and the unmerciful infliction of pain in all its facets and forms that human beings physically experience in their lives in this world; because we were spared from it all simply for existing in Heaven, wherein nothing of what the mind exists as, is experienced. Meaning, no pain. Youre free.

Heaven was as the interdimensional existence existed and which it was referred to as. Heaven was the existence wherein no pain was experienced, which was the direct, absolute, complete, opposite of the atrocity as earth, the physical the imprisoned enslavement as Hell. Thus, for dimensional beings existing in Heaven earth was Hell.