People Fear People -- What would God say about this?

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Crime and Criminals

(Was it created to protect the mind-system from)
Why is fear; does it matter why its created? Lets have a look at why is fear here now, because if you take fear back to where, how it was created or why it was created; you dis-empower yourself from your own perspective; say: I can do nothing about it, I was programmed to fear, which is just confirming that youre a robot.

But if you look at it, here right now, why does fear exist in this world, right now?

Its to protect each other from each other. I mean, have a look, most times that youve used fear in your life; is because youre scared of another human being.Youre scared what they can do to you. Youre scared what theyre gonna to say about you. Youre scared what they think about you even. Therefore you change your behaviour according to whos around you. You change your behaviour according to what, about what you hear about people. All is images and likenesses that is projected. And accordingly you will create an image and likeness and youll project it. And then youll live it.

Look at all our laws that exist in this world; is to protect us from each other.

I mean, is the criminal not one of us? Have a look, if you disagree with paying tax, on the principle that the money system is not supporting all life equal, so you have a moral base supporting life, equal and one, for not paying tax; Man will make it a crime, and send you to jail, and youre a criminal for supporting life. And that is not questionable. So those that make those laws are acting in the interest of life? NO. Theyre acting in the interest of: the system.
But we do not see the correlation between the actions and the reasoning behind it and we dont question it.

Which, brings to bear an interesting point:
If we dont question it we become what we allow: Criminals; because we creating the crimes.
I mean, only criminals create crimes isnt it? You dont have to be the criminal to be theto, to commit the crime to be the criminal. You could be a criminal for creating the crime; by actually writing the law and accepting the law that create criminals. Equal and one.

I mean, would you explain that one to god when you get to him? I mean, if he ask you: Why did you fear your fellow man?.

From a discussion with Bernard Poolman at Desteni Farm