Pt. 1 Working With Spirit The Unseen World Shaman Healer Cathy Towle Pt. 1

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Parts One-Eight: Film interview with healer, medium, mentor, shaman, and environmentalist Cathy Towle. In this film series, Towle introduces the unseen world and what it means to learn to work with spirit. From intuition to mediumship, Cathy discusses her spiritual journey and the innate potential in all of us to tap the divine powers of our quantum universe.

The following information is provided from Cathy Towle's website:

Cathy was certified as a Medium by Forever Family Foundation in 2006. FFF works to ensure that Certified Mediums are proficient in the ability of Spirit Communication through means that are neither deceptive nor fraudulent.

Rev. Cathy Towle is a skilled and compassionate medium, and offers many ways to connect you to spirit. Whether it is through connecting with a loved one who has passed, spiritual mentoring, or learning about your intuition. Cathy will guide you to the other side. Listen to your inner guidance through a reading or by learning how to open to your own connection to spirit. Use your intuition to make key decisions. Learn how to use earth practices to relate to your loved ones, ancestors and spirit guides.

Cathy Towle is available for one-on-one intuitive readings andor spiritual coaching. She is based in Brooklyn, New York and also provides long distance consultation via phone andor teleconferencing. She can be contacted through her website.

Shot & Edited by Ashley Young
Some Day Fire Productions


Cathy Towle website:

Ashley Young, Some Day Fire Productions

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