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Master's article - Out of darkness af Benjamin C.

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Master's article - Out of darkness
by the Master -, through Benjamin Creme
From: Monthly updated!

From time to time, the natural forces of the planet demonstrate their irresistible power in a way destructive and unwelcomed by men. Thus it was in the recent catastrophe in the Indian Ocean. The sad and sudden loss of thousands of lives, and the unprecedented damage to homes and other buildings, have shocked the world and evoked a remarkable response: for the first time, the nations, East and West, North and South, have come together in spontaneous aid. Governments are prodded by their people to give, and to cancel outstanding debts for the poorest countries. The wave of sympathy for the bereft has manifested also as a concern for the needy millions of all the developing world and is a sure sign that the peoples are ready for Maitreya. No clearer indication could be given that this is so. No one could doubt the sincerity of this concern; the tragedy of the tsunami has opened the hearts and inspired the voices of millions for the creation of justice and world transformation.

At last, these voices are being heard. At last, the beneficent energies of Maitreya are finding response in the hearts of many still unaware of His presence. At long last, the governments of the wealthy are responding to their people's call for justice and peace. They sense that their future, too, depends on listening to the voice of the people, rising with an ever clearer and powerful note.
Let the governments understand: the voice of the people is the voice of wisdom. It is a call for realism and truth, for the only action which will lead to a sane and better world. Those governments which fail to listen to that voice will founder, and lose authority and the trust of their people.

Maitreya, meanwhile, awaits the moment to emerge, judging finely the pros and cons. He welcomes the signs of men's readiness, and knows that the moment is not far off. He welcomes the opportunity to work openly for humanity and the Plan. In this way, His power and effectiveness are immeasurably increased.

Also, in this way, He can work directly with men, showing His concern for their welfare and comfort, His understanding of their needs and difficulties, His awareness of their problems and of how they can be solved. He wishes to be seen as a brother and friend, a wise father Whose counsel is beneficent and true, a help-mate and partner on the journey into the shining future which awaits all men.
Be patient, therefore, a little longer, and know that despite the problems and difficulties, the heartache of loss, the Plan for the transformation of the world and the salvation of men is on course for victory, and that all will be well.

Questions & Answers
Q. Why didn't the Masters warn all those innocent people about the tsunami? How can Maitreya's predicted suffering of the people of the USA for re-electing Bush compare with that of the South Asian people in the wake of the tsunami?
A. The Masters saved many thousands from certain death. They are the Masters of Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion. They do what is possible for Them to do. Warnings were given to seismic authorities but in many cases were ignored to 'protect the tourist industry'.
My Master, not Maitreya, made the predictions on the US election sequel. It is not a question of comparison. In each case the events are a result of the Law of Cause and Effect - the Law of Karma.

Q. (1) Was Maitreya able to stop the tsumani? (2) Will Maitreya go to the affected areas, and (3) please see that the women and children are not raped in the midst of this catastrophe.
A. (1) No. The forces of nature had to be released. (2) He did, indeed, go and saved many lives. (3) The Masters do all that is possible within the Law of Karma.

Q. Could the disaster which has devastated so many poor countries, and yet has also tragically affected tourists from so many rich countries as well, be viewed as a 'wake up' call for humanity?
A. Yes, in the sense that it shows that humanity is one family and should share as a family does. If that means expenditure on early warning systems of disaster in poor countries then all must share the cost.

Q. Could the immense outpouring of aid, not only from rich countries but even from the poorest countries, be seen as the world working as one in a way never achieved before?
A. Yes, yes, yes!

Q. Will the swift and generous response of people around the world to the devastation caused by the tsunami in Asia have any effect on hastening Maitreya's emergence?
A. I do not think so but it does show Maitreya (as my Master writes in His article in this issue) that people are ready to share (and not only in an emergency) and are therefore ready for Maitreya's teachings.

Q. Many people are asking if God exists, how can He allow the terrible Asian tsunami disaster, which has caused so much death and destruction?
A. The answer is that it was the result of the living forces of the Earth, the movement of the tectonic plates in the area and nothing directly to do with 'God'. It is the nature of the planet to erupt through earthquakes and, if under the ocean, to produce tsunamis as a consequence. The Masters warned several seismic authorities of the danger. Unfortunately, the warnings were ignored for commercial, touristic reasons.
The Masters saved the lives of many thousands of people who otherwise would have perished in the tragedy. The Masters also warned of the 9/11 events in America but, once again, no action was taken.

Q. Was the Asian tsunami disaster caused by man's interference such as bombardment in war, nuclear explosions or withdrawing oil from the seabed, etc?
A. No, it was a purely natural movement of the tectonic plates of the Earth which caused the very powerful earthquake which, in turn, caused the tsunami.



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