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News from India

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News from India

Written by Asger Lorentsen in India and at the return to Denmark

Impressions from Ramana Maharshi
At the end of our stay at Arunachala in South India Yvonne and I made a meditation 16.02.07 on the purpose of our stay at this Holy Mountain. To our surprise an inner communication with Ramana Maharshi started. I have felt a deep alignment with this Indian saint ever since I met him via a book by Poul Brunton (In search of Secret India, Bag Indiens lukkede døre) when I was 18, but did not expect this address, as Ramana Maharshi probably is the most advanced of the wise men known to the public in India in the 20th century. He passed away in 1951. Now tens of thousands come to his ashram every year from most of the Western countries, to align with the emanation of "silent power"- from his state of pure consciousness, which is still present in the ashram. The technique, he recommended is called atman vichara - to ask for the atman by : Who am I ?

The following impression was received by via Yvonne W. It was written down as the content of the communication and not word by word:

In my time in the ashram there were not so many beginners on the path. This means that
most visitors are not able to follow the teachings as they were meant. But
still they benefit from the vibration and the teachings, so that they
continue their lives from a deeper perspective of life, when they return to their countries.

Is the purpose of human evolution sat chit ananda (pure existence, consciousness and bliss) or a wholeness between this state and the world ?
The purpose of human evolution is the wholeness of the pure being and the world. I did not emphasise this, because the purpose of my teaching was to create so simple a model that it could awaken people, give them hope of fulfilment, and get them started on the path. I did
however teach more esoteric understandings, but they are not in the books because the authors of these books were only interested in the simplicity and not in the complexity of the teachings. But in my practical life I demonstrated a full life in which the world has its place, and in which full
unity includes the manifested world.

The emphasis in the books on my position as a guru is not aligned with what was emphasised in the teachings and in the nature of that embodiment. But I can see that many people get more optimistic about their path by relating to a guru-figure.

My relationship with animals is dramatised in the books. In reality it was more simple: I loved animals and nature. There is nothing supernatural about this.

The photo of my presence clad in a simple linen was not characteristic for my appearance, as I usually wore a full dress. But it was used to demonstrate to the western world that the ultimate reality can be attained in the simplest of life.

It was in my life-purpose of that embodiment to be well known to the West. The scientific and enquiring mind of the west could no longer get answers from the Christian church, and the self-enquiry, which was taught in my ashram was very useful for the scientific attitude of western people. And they had to think about what I said.

Q by Asger: Are you planning to incarnate again?
No I am very occupied with emanation both throughout this mountain where so many thousands of people are attuning to divinity, and also I focus on many individuals here to support them from within.

Q by Asger:  Was it right of me to abstain from proceeding into a deeper level of oneness, when in your cave, even if it seemed to be so easy?
Yes. You have a job in the West. An absorption into samadhi would mean that you would be less occupied with your many activities, and that is not according to the plan ............. In older age you may effortless slip into samadhi from time to time, when not so needed to outer activity. Intense search for sat chid ananda is for the embodiments, which are planned for this. It is rather a question of finding the balance planned for each lifetime.

India will now enter a materialistic phase, which will last for about 500 years. This phase is needed for the evolution of its population.

Impressions from Sri Aurobindo
Suddenly Yvonne becomes aware, that Sri Aurobindo has some attention on our talk. He had a physical embodiment at Pondicherry only 120 kms from Ramana, and their embodiments were nearly simultaneous. Sri Aurobindo has written a number of books on super-human consciousness. The most well known of these, called "A Synthesis of Yoga" inspired me 27 years old to let go of my yoga-period, because also he emphasises the use of the mind as the meeting point between spirit and personality. We visited his ashram in Auroville 2 weeks earlier.

Yvonne becomes aware, that whereas Ramana is like empty pure being, Sri Aurobindo has a lot of higher mental activity as if he is simultaneously active all over the planet.

Q.: Do you agree, that it will take 500 years to finish the materialistic phase in India ?
Yes that time is needed due to so many younger souls incarnating here.
Now emphasis in India is on developing the mental capacities.

Q.: Would it not be best, if the Indian spiritual teachers will teach how to use the mind in a creative way, which will not fall into the narrow western way of using the mind?
You cannot expect them to do that. The new generation will learn from the West. Soon there will be spread new computer games, which stimulate the creative mind. Also T.V. soon will be a more positive factor in the development of the mind.

Q.: Are you more optimistic about the western development, than you expressed during your last embodiment ?
After that lifetime ended I was positively surprised to see how quickly the satiation (mættelse) of materialism began in the West. I am more relaxed about it now.

Q.: What do you see as the biggest challenge for humanity now ?
In my lifetime the biggest challenge was nazism and similar attacks on the spiritual freedom of humanity. And much of my attention was on that fight.
Now the challenge is that the blind driving forces behind the money-system has got too much license. Humanity is not awakened to realise, how much power these forces have got. They are blind because the humans involved in pushing them are like blind dinosaur-uses who are one pointed about money, but insensitive to human needs. One of their effects is the climate change. We are very concerned about this change, because the awakening to put a stop to the work of these dinosaur-types needs much more momentum within a short time.  On the inner levels I work with Al Gore about this. He is a member of the 3rd ray ashram, which I work close together with.

Q.: Is it acc. to plan that Al Gore becomes the next president of USA ?
This position was illegally stolen from him by the Bush-group by bribing (bestikke) one of the judges in the High Court. This will one day be disclosed (afsløret) and cause a big scandal in the country. Now Al Gore will do more good in the world by continuing the present job.

Q.: Are you yourself a member of the Hierarchy or are you a free-lancer from an other planet ?
My speciality from other planets is to assist in raising a planet to the level of an enlightened civilisation. On this planet I cooperate closely with the Hierarchy, but I am not a member of any ashram.

Q.: Why did your teachings differ so much from the teachings of Ramana Maharshi ?
Ramana and I planned together our lifetimes so that we should emphasise very different poles of spirituality, and because we stayed very close to each other, many people travelled from one to the other, so that they were inspired by both poles.

Q.: In your teachings you did not have high expectations to governmental laws. Have you still low expectations ?
Public laws and bodies tend to govern very rigidly. Freedom of thought and emphasis on mental and individual creativity is most needed as part of the evolution of humanity.

Q.: What about the possibility of the U.N. to limit the international economic powers ?
It is only possible if politicians have much more courage in international laws and politics. This will happen - eventually.

Q.: Will the people behind the blind economic powers still be on this planet 500 years from now ?
Yes, but then they will have lost their power. They are not ready to change, but at that time they will be regarded as dinosaur-people from the past of humanity. They will be here as part of the diversity (mangfoldighed) of humanity.

Q.: Do you plan to incarnate again ?
Yes it will be before long. It will be a lifetime as a politician.

Asger Lorentsen

Asger Lorentsen

Asger Lorentsen er cand.mag. i religion og historie og arbejder i dag som foredragsholder, underviser og forfatter. Asger Lorentsen er især kendt for sine bøger om guddommeligt samarbejde, om menneskehedens gyldne fremtid, samt om stjernemennesker og englemennesker.

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