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Tragedy in Norway Vist

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Commentary by Asger Lorentsen 23.7.11

norge_lysNational tragedies usual are disasters caused by nature like earth-quake and flooding or caused by accidents like a ship descending into the ocean or a collision of trains. They hit every country and even if they create a wound we live with them and do not fear them, and they tend to be forgotten within a decade. But the national tragedy in Norway with bombs and automatic riffles killing up to 100 innocent people is of another category: The cruelty of humans is involved, there is no natural cause, and they do not need to happen. Killing outside wars are always a hurt to our ethics and feeling of well-being and security, and when in a massive scale as in Oslo the wound is deep and almost incurable. The memory will continue to live – not only in the national soul, but in a much wider international context, and the psychological effects are great.

In a spiritual context we may ask: Why did this happen?
Could it be karma for the country? Yes it is possible, however it is not easy to see the exact cause and effect in a country which is known for massive contributions to welfare programs all around the planet and for peace-negotiating initiatives in several occasions.

Could it be a pain which did not have to happen due to karma, but were not prevented from the inner worlds, as the chock, pain and wound in the nation and in the Western world in the end can be beneficial?

Yes this is often the case with any great disaster.

Could it be outside divine laws as an effect of the unpredictable human temper, which cannot always be controlled? Yes – in my view – this sometimes is the case, even if seldom when in such a massive scale.

Is everyone killed or wounded hurt due to individual karma?  In any of the 3 possibilities the individual is not always “at the destined spot and time”. In such a scale it usually is the group or nation which is hurt, and it is difficult for the forces on the inner levels to make sure that only people who have an individual karma are hurt. However such disasters usually are followed by stories of individual who were prevented to join that specific airplane, train or to be at the specific spot of the disaster.

What can be learnt: How to turn it positively?
Any national pain deepens the soul of the nation, makes it more mature and speeds up the process of shifting values from material values to non-material values. The main values emphasized are brother-sisterhood and humane empathy and psychological well-being. No doubt this shift will be speeded up in Norway.

In this specific disaster cruelty or hatred was so dominant a factor, that the whole issue of how to not stimulate such qualities in certain individuals will be in focus in the coming decades. This will include a new debate on the role of violent films and computer-games, which in these decades are one of the entrances of black powers in the youth of humanity.

At the end we may find the tragedy give more positive than negative effects for the nation. Thus it has deep possibilities to stimulate and awaken the 1st initiation in Norway as a whole nation. This initiation is characterized by physical control, networking and organizing, at which Norway already is a master. And now is stimulated the other half of the initiation which is the awakening of empathy as brother-sisterhood and inner life of sensitivity to well-being and beauty. It is up to us to stimulate the positive possibilities.
Sidst ændret den Lørdag, 23 Juli 2011 12:47
Asger Lorentsen

Asger Lorentsen

Asger Lorentsen er cand.mag. i religion og historie og arbejder i dag som foredragsholder, underviser og forfatter. Asger Lorentsen er især kendt for sine bøger om guddommeligt samarbejde, om menneskehedens gyldne fremtid, samt om stjernemennesker og englemennesker.

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