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Balanced to the light Vist

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Balanced to the light.


The reason why I write this is that I in my life encounter more and more people who are ”balanced to the light”


Adamas Saint Germain has talked about this a little and now it is my turn!


When we are balanced to the light it is really about perception and interpretation. As everything is in all realities (at least in my opinion :-)).

The moment you perceive and have a judgement you are creating a division. The more you strive to become something that moves away from something that you judge as unwanted or undesireble you are also deviding. In the proces of learning what is ”spiritual” and what is ”light” you create definitions and beliefsystems around these processes. You create an inventory that attracts and get affirmations from your outside reality. You are a masterful creator and like it or not, or you might not even be aware of it – it is happening. So you are attracting what you perceive as light. You believe yourself to be a lightbeing. When your inventory is filled up with definitions of what is light, you reject what you do not perceive as light. You are affirmed in a reality where the sun rises and sets, where you can crash you head into a wall and perceive pain. You perceive pain and you perceive darkness. These concepts are transfered over to your judgements and your inventory. Now you know what darkness and what pain is. Now you can judge mental and emotional states, events, people and so on and so forth as such.

The thing is that the more light you perceive yourself to be, the more darkness you sense. The more light you perceive yourself to be the more you reject what you judge as ”darkness” in yourself and others. This devision is happening because you are a masterful creator.

Beliefsystems become alive and connect to other similar beliefsystems. They become alive and almost take you over. You fears become stronger because there is so much ”darkness” in the world. You try to flea from the darkness inside and outside of yourself. You hide the darkness, in the meantime the energy you use on fear and on escape is sucked right into your ”darkness”. You don't know what sometimes take over in your life, and takes all the controll of your mind and your body.


The more energy you spend at being a ”being of light” the more you have to struggle to stay in that state. It is a state of perceived ”lightness” but it has no foundation. Your foundation is fear, and your struggle to stay in the ”light”. Your being is based on beliefsystems and definitions of what something is – not what it really is. In this reality of earth with all these opinions and emotional interpretations of what is good and bad, up and down, night and day it is easy to judge. It is so easy to say, ”I feel pain, this must be bad”. Stop yourself for a moment, stop your internal dialogue for moment and take a deep breath! Now you breathe and now you feel where this judgement is coming from. Which part of you is really talking? Is it the one you truly are in your heart, or is it your fear of ”darkness and death” that is talking? It takes courage of steel to see the one that you truly are. One day you will have to face yourself. You will have to be your own observer. You will see through observing (not judging) who you truly are. All your darkness will want to step up in your consciousness because it is now invited back to you. It is no longer judged as good or bad or darkness. When this happen you realize that all your energy went into your darkness. This is where all your energy is. It has been rediscovered. Through non judgemental observation it is set free. It wants freedom, it needs your permission and invitation to be free. In this free and safe state it can transform into a new state. Perhaps even a state that can serve you in the life that you truly choose.

So called ”spiritual” people are really struggling with this. For some it is a deep and giving process to create larger and larger devision in themselves to really know darkness and light. For others it is simply a symptom of an even deeper sleep then before their first encounter with ”spirituality”


Here there are 9 of the most common symptoms of a truly ”spiritual” person - (Balanced to the light, which is actually out of balance)


1. The inability to see things for what they truly are.


2. The fear of conflict and the fear of ”evil” inside themselves and outside.


3. Unclear communication and a lot of misunderstanding.


4. Lack of energy (because they are actually struggling so much that it tires them out).


5. Physical illness that they didn't have before their ”spiritual” journey.


6. Always wanting something because they are unable to give to themselves.


7. Inability to understand and learn new things because their energy is caught up in ”fighting evil”


8. An urge to spread ”light” and do ”good” things to others. (An urge that often feel invasive to others)


9. Being convinced that one is the holder of truth, and that it is the only truth there is.





If you can see yourself in some of these symptoms it is all wonderful. Why judge something that you as a mastercreator has created. You have created this and the moment you reject it, it actually grows on you. It grows inside and when you spend your energy trying to ”unown” it, it is fertilizer to this consciousness inside of you. When we do not take ownership over our creations it is actually disrepectfull towards our creatorship. So firstly you should recognize and honour your fantastic ability to create. The moment you recognize this grandness in you, and that it is all you and that you are larger then your creations, you can own them once again. There is no creation that you can not recreate or transmute, but if you deny them or reject them, transmutation is impossible. Why?? because something you do not perceive as ”yours” or as ”bad” actually ends up taking over your life. This happens only because your rejection creates a dynamic that says ”I don't like you, you are not part of me, go away I do not want to perceive you anymore” when this happens this rejected part moves out of your ”aware” consciousness. It is still there although now you do not have an aware experience of it anymore. This means that everytime you say that to a part of yourself it moves out and join ”the rest of the gang” soon you will have a very strong team. It will slowly take over control. Sudden fits of anger, intolorance and hate will rise to the surface. Now we have a very dangerous person. Especially in traffic and in economy and politics ha ha! (In my explanation my main focus is ”spiritual” people allthough these processes of course also occur in humans in general).


How to get out of this damn mud?


As I always say release (real – ease), accept, allow (all – law)


Release your beliefsystem of good and bad, release the way you perceive yourself, release the story that you are, accept everything that you are and that you think you are, even the most wreched things. Allow and recognize that you are ALL LAW! You are the ultimate lawgiver. You created this and you gave it permission to grow and to expand and have it's own life. You created a state where you could devide yourself in order to have an experience or an understanding of yourself. This is the order of creation – of your creation. To say that you are not a masterfull creator when you have created all this is a shame. Take back your throne of the observer of the mother/father principle alive in you, and applaud yourself. You have done very well. There is no judgement of your creations in beings of unlimited thinking. Be the unlimited mind yourself and breathe it all in and receive yourself anew as a free spirit, and a child of the void, playing with creation. You can not do wrong and there is no evil. There might be ignorance, but evil is the thing in you that you have not yet understood as your creation.


I salute all aspects and all creations in you :-)

Sidst ændret den Torsdag, 15 Marts 2012 19:32
Emilio Jensen

Emilio Jensen

Så hvem er jeg?

Et mere interessant spørgsmål er måske hvad er jeg? Er jeg en bror? Er jeg en søn? Er jeg en far? Er jeg venstreorienteret? Er jeg dansker? Er jeg skandinaver? Er jeg lønarbejder? Er jeg selvstændig? Er jeg rød? Er jeg grøn? Er jeg nudist? Er jeg en hippie?

Hvad definerer et menneske?

Mange af disse ting er jeg og mange af disse ting er jeg ikke?

Hvad jeg definerer mig selv som først og fremmest, og som det vigtigste, er en navigatør og eventyrer i bevidsthed?

Den viden og væren som kommer til udtryk i akademiets undervisning er en del af mig og er ikke en teoretisk viden. Der er intet galt med akademisk/teoretisk viden. Dette er dog kun en af mange veje til viden og væren, og er hverken af mere eller mindre værdi end andre måder at komme til viden og væren på. Akademiet vil også inkluderer undervisere med "traditionel" akademisk baggrund og derved vil de også blive en del af akademiets væren.

Jeg er gået indvielsens vej og erfaringens vej. Jeg har læst mange bøger, men det har aldrig været det som har skabt dyb forandring.Det der har medført forandring er livet og praktiseret filosofi der er gjort til erfaring.

Jeg har gennem arbejdsrelationer i dagligdagen arbejdet med mennesker af alle størrelser og former. Unge, gamle, syge, raske. Jeg har undervist på skoler.

Jeg har gennem mit liv oplevet meget smerte og ulykke, lys og mørke. På mange områder er jeg ligesom dig og har oplevet alle livets aspekter. Jeg er ikke mere eller mindre end dig eller ophøjet på noget måde. Hvad der gør mig anderledes er at jeg i lange perioder har vendt den materielle virkelighed ryggen. I disse perioder har jeg strukket tanken og oplevet mere og mere ubegrænsethed i min væren – I rummene mellem rummene i stilheden er jeg blevet til intet og et potentiale for altet.

Jeg har gået igennem indvielser med lange perioder uden fysisk næring og væske for at finde næring på andre planer.

Jeg definerer ikke mig selv ud fra min hudfarve eller hvor jeg bor eller om jeg er en mand eller kvinde, det er hvad der gør mig anderledes – ikke mere eller mindre værd, bare anderledes. Hvad der også gør mig anderledes er nuet. I nuet er der ren væren og skabelse. Der er ikke nogen fortid ej heller er der fremtid. At være så meget i nuet adskiller mig automatisk fra et mønster der opretholdes af bestemte måder at være og handle i livet ud fra bestemte tidspunkter på dagen, året og i et ”samfundsprogrammeret” menneskeliv.

Jeg har altid været glad og opretholdt glæden og ikke taget min ulykke og smerte så højtideligt eftersom min krop og de tre dimensioner kun er en lille del af mig. Oplevelsen af min storslåethed og mit større aspekt, giver livet et meget smukt perspektiv i alle dets nuancer. Derfor er jeg personlig en standard for glæde og det at nyde livet. Et levende eksempel for glæde i alle livets aspekter.

Dette er det første skridt mod at finde din lidenskab, at nyde livet.

Min lidenskab og motivation for at grundlægge dette akademi er kærlighed.

Kærlighed til mig selv, kærlighed til mennesker og kærlighed til jorden. Kærlighed til den rejse det er at navigerer i den uendelige ubegrænsethed og inspirerer et menneske og et mere menneske og alle mennesker til ubegrænsethed, og i sidste ende en ubegrænset jord.


Kærlig hilsen

Emilio Claudius

Grundlægger af Inspire Academy og Coach i bevidsthed



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