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Søndag, 16 Februar 2014 19:46

The Essence Process

The various ways in which you can experience presence,

is what we call the Essences - specific aspects of Presence.


Some of the aspects we work with are the Essences of freedom, support, strength, peace/power, compassion, and joy.


In this article you can read about:



* Essence as aspects of Presence

* Blockages to Presence

* The process of Inquiry

* Retreat format

* Support for you

* About the Academy





You can probably remember situations where you felt very present. It may be in meditation, or it may have been while you were engaged in activities. It may be when you are together with others, or when you are alone.

Such moments are special. You do not think about what you did yesterday. You do not plan what you should do later. You do not even comment on your current situation. You are just there - present.

Even though you can recognize such moments as moments of being present, the actual sensations and emotions you are experiencing may be very different. Sometimes when you feel present, you feel peaceful and serene as if you are deeply resting even though you are awake. Other times you feel energized and ready for anything life may bring you. Yet other times you feel a simple and delightful joy, and like you have everything you could every want, right here in this moment.

The various ways in which you can experience presence is what we call the Essences. Some of the Essences we work with are the Essences of freedom, support, strength, peace/power, compassion, and joy.

An important part of our work is, to learn to recognize these Essences clearly when they appear in our experience. By doing this you will start to experience freedom, support, strength, peace/power, compassion, and joy as something that is always present to you. Something that is freely available to you, regardless of your circumstances. In other words, Essences become strong resources in your life.



Freedom, support, strength, peace, power, compassion, and joy are simply aspects of how it feels to be in the present moment. However, there are many things that may ‘distract’ us from sensing the present moment. Some of the most powerful things that take our awareness away of the present moment are all the ideas and emotions we have learned to associate with the various essential aspects of presence.

Throughout life we are constantly learning. If we notice that two elements (emotions, sensations, thoughts, etc.) often appear together in our experience, we start to develop links in our brain between these two elements. For example, maybe we live in an environment, where we experience that every time we feel the joy of being in the moment (one element), the people close to us will judge us for being inappropriate, silly, or seem unintelligent (another element). Over time we may form a strong link between the sensation of the joy and the sensation of being judged – including all the emotions and reactions related to this situation. This link can become so strong, that even when nobody judges us, we still feel the judgments every time we sense our own joy – and we may believe that this is just the way things are and necessarily have to be.

Unless we do something, the links that have formed may continue to take our awareness away from sensing the present moment. This is where the practice of inquiry comes in.



Inquiry is one of the main methods we use to learn to recognize Essences and to bring awareness to the what may block our contact to Essence.

In practice we often pair up two and two when doing inquiry. One will listen and practice being present, while the other will explore different carefully designed questions. These questions are designed to evoke a specific Essence and to bring light to the blockages that typically take our awareness away from this Essence.

Thought the exploring the inquiry questions openly, we can bring awareness to all the things that we have learned to associate with an aspect of sensing the present moment. And we can understand when in our life these links were formed. Through this process, we can learn to perceive the Essences in them selves - as separate from any ideas or emotions that we had learned to associate them with. This process is a training of our perception, just like the process of learning to pick out one particular voice among many others, or learning to hear one particular instrument while it is playing in a symphony of many instruments.

Inquiry is the practice of receiving and witnessing your moment-to-moment experience, without judging it or trying to change it. It is a way of working, which connects us to a larger intelligence. All we need to do is to keep receiving our experience, and this will, in a very gentle and respectful way, gradually bring light to the places in us that are ready to be lit. Over time, this practice will reveal everything to us – and it will do so in the perfect order.



Every retreat focuses on one specific aspect of presence, i.e. one Essence. In our retreats, we will typically begin with evoking the Essence through guided meditations (transmissions) and through inquiry. Then we will look at the most typical blockages to this particular Essence. And at the end of the retreat we will have a section dedicated to integrating the discoveries of the retreat.

In each retreat we also set off plenty of time to engage with participants’ individual processes. So that anyone who wishes can get guidance that will help him/her to receive the moment-to-moment experience and perceive both Essences and blockages clearly.



The retreats often generate big insights and shifts towards presence in the participants. In order to support the journeys that may be initiated by the retreats, we have a number of support systems set up.

Anyone who has participated in a retreat can join the monthly small group meetings. These are two-hour meetings, where we meditate together, do inquiry, and share our experiences since our last retreat. It is also a place where you can connect with a teacher.

We also highly recommend that you take private sessions with one of the teachers. Private sessions is a place for looking at things you do may not feel comfortable sharing in the group. It is also a place where you have the time needed to look at some of the deeper blockages that may appear in your journey.



The Academy is envisioned as a place that can take you all the way. It is a place where the full knowledge of the Diamond Logos path is available to you and where you find qualified teachers, who have walked this path themselves for many years and who still are walking this path.

The Academy offers you a coherent map of the inner domains that weaves the psychological and the spiritual levels of existence. This map is used as a support for every individual’s unique ‘journey of the spirit’, since every journey is a mystery, a surprise, and a delightful discovery.

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