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Torsdag, 15 Marts 2012 12:56


Denne inspiration er skrevet på engelsk for at bevare energien, som jeg har modtaget den. Ordene er ikke vigtige. Energien er vigtig.


Power games create fear. It's not about light and darkness. It's about unbalanced light without Heart manipulating with a lesser light. There can be balance in light and there can be balance in darkness, but unbalance and power games create fear.


If you are in perfect balance, you will be able to die with your full consciousness and take your life essence with you. 7 billion people on this planet are not ready to die with full consciousness and they create a "shell" filled with fear and unworthiness and things like that. Already Nostradamus could see, that we would reach a critical mass of subpressed fear around 2012. The planet raise it's level of energy and the pressure gets stronger and you could see that in the past.


The work need to be done and I AM 's are able to release pressure from the collective subconscious mind. That's why some of us die again and again these days.


That's the difference between Divine Will and Divine Love. Divine Will can uncreate fear in the subconscious mind and without that effort humanity would destroy itself. When we uncreate fear, there is an empty space and we can fill that space with Divine Love.


So be it.



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Torsdag, 15 Marts 2012 12:50


Denne inspiration er skrevet på engelsk for at bevare energien, som jeg har modtaget den. Ordene er ikke vigtige. Energien er vigtig.


In the beginning there was light and there was more light than you could handle. Then you started to protect yourself from light (sunfactor 1 billion or something). Much, much later you created a physical body. Then you had already learned the art of lying. 


You told a little white lie and it worked. The next time you told a bigger lie and maybe it was a little grey. In the end it turned black and you probably got used to it. This blackness began to live its own life separate from God. 


After many experiences you felt the heaviness of darkness, but it was not easy to find your way back. There was teachers and they told you about the truth. Sometimes it was their truth and not your truth and you got stuck again. You found yourself so fucked up.




* I had an incarnation with Jesus.

* I also had an incarnation with Hitler.

* I have to uncreate both.


Wait a minute. Jesus is the good guy and Hitler is the bad guy. You are right, but 2,000 years ago I created pictures of Jesus and he became my guru. Now I need to move beyond even my sweet pictures of Jesus. Hitler is the opposite and together they create the pair of opposites. That's why I need to move beyond both of them.


Still, I have a choice. I can choose the good guy as my friend and in that process I give my soul a direction. Then I have to tell the truth and begin with myself. I have to mirror everything back to myself. I have to uncreate lies from the past.



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