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Mandag, 08 Marts 2010 17:46

Open and closed systems

The final Injection

Who are you? Who are you really? Those are some of the Phrases that welcome
you at our facebook group for Inspire Academy.
One of the largest and most important questions has to be asked by you at some
point in all of your infinite life.
This question opens up to the remembrance of all of you and slowly when you
keep on polishing this question like a dirt stained window, more and more clarity
shines through. Your true essence and your true nature begins to emerge from the
deep inside of you.
At some point you begin to feel and experience the infinite and limitless inside of
you. This is a realization which begins deeply inside of every individual at some
point, and slowly it starts to change the reality around each and every one of us
on this place called earth.

I will now write shortly about closed and open systems. This is a subject which I will
talk about more deeply in my recorded speaks and in my books so this is just a
teaser and an overview.
I will explain in very clear and simple terms and allow it to be so clear, so to avoid
intellectual gibberish, since I am a scientist of consciousness and not a scientist of
I see and feel the transformation through the power of the word coming from the
heart a lot stronger right now, then the power of the word which speaks only to the
head and intellect.

My definition of a system: A system is a lot of parts put together so that they
exist/work together as one big unit. Beautiful examples we find in nature and a
most outrageous example is the crown jewel of accomplishments of all times past,
and all times which has to come, the human body. It's a smoothly, beautiful system
containing lots of smaller parts which work absolutely sublime together. The body
is the accomplishment of accomplishments. I cannot praise this fantastic piece of
machinery enough, and furthermore the crown of it all which is the human brain. It
still remains a mystery to science because the level of science at this point in time
only understand a fraction of this creation.

The duality that you and I live in now and accept as reality, creates a split of
systems. When you look around, you see open systems and closed systems. Most
open system are biologic and part of nature and most closed systems (not all of
course) are of human creation.

I will now give a loose definition of open and closed systems. I will explain them
through terms of emotions and consciousness, because that is one of the more
uncharted and unlimited ways of explaining in this current time line.

I invite you to go into your imagination and see closed systems and how they
operate and give them your own definitions.

A closed system is:
Unable to change
In a state of lack
In a belief that is going to die or already is doomed.
Greedy (which is a natural outcome from the state of lack)
finite (It has a knowing that it has to end at some point)

Here you are also invited to imagine an open system and see and experience for
yourselves how it works in duality. I invite you to create more definitions if it serves
you well.
An open system is:

always changing
in a state of flow

Nature is the best example of an open system. It has all the attributes mentioned
above and is actually transcending these states because in total acceptance one
can not speak about acceptance anymore since it is simply a limited concept
that only exist in the presence of it's opposite nonacceptance.
So why all this talk about open and closed systems?
This is because I wish to give you a perspective of how the world is working right
now and which emotions that define the reality of systems.
When we look at open and closed systems from a perspective that is beyond
duality we see that what seems to be is open or closed is only a fraction of infinite
reality. There are no closed or open systems from this point of reality, there is only
beingness and isness and infinite creation. What seems closed might be open and
what seems open might be closed. The closed and the open plays a game and
rides each other to create a momentum that propels them into new realities and
definitions. An open system has a closed aspect and a closed system actually
radiates it's “closedness” into all that is, and therefore when all the dots a put
together (or however you wish to term it) you see that it is not really closed.
That is why a closed system from a consciousness perspective effects what is
outside of it.
A system is a sum total of it's parts and sometimes the parts create something that
is more powerful then what it would be if all the parts were doing the same thing
on their own.
That is when the consciousness of the system begins to effect
systems/units/consciousness outside itself in a very powerful way, it has the power
of synergy to it.
Now I will mention obvious creations of the humankind which to a great extend
are closed systems (there a open systems amongst these here and there, but for
the most part they are closed)

Political systems
military systems
social systems
government systems
religious systems
business systems

I invite you to think about other systems. Go into them through your imagination.
Feel them from the inside and become the inside of them. Through this exercise
you can feel and determine which are closed and which are open systems.
We see that a system is a reflection of the total consciousness of all the parts of the
Therefore we come to the conclusion that to change a system you have to
change yourself.
You are a system in yourself and you are a reflection of the system.
If you are in fear, doubt, lack, survival mode or whatever, that is the way the system
will be.
This is why you and I have the systems that we have in this day and age.
Let us take the political system for example.
The political systems is closed because the individuals are angry, competitive,
warlike, greedy and so on and so forth.
It is a feeder into itself. It doesn't care what is outside itself. The only thing it is
interested in is sustaining itself no matter what the cost. Everything is sucked into it
but nothing is coming out.
The individuals simply wish to have more and more and the feeling of lack is so
strong that nothing is ever enough. So it's like fire burning everything away on it's
way. It will convince you of everything, and say everything to feed itself and to
comfort it's never ending feeling of being on the edge of dying. It radiates a never
ending feeling of despair out into consciousness and this radiation is picked up by
the surroundings and accepted as a truth. Such a system never takes responsibility,
it simply lack that ability and that consciousness is not there. It only eat and
become angry when something gets in it's way. You can observe the individuals in
any system and see what the system is really about. The emotional state of a
person in a particular system is a lighthouse that show you the lay of the land.
Here we come to a most controversial system. The most dynamic of them all and
the one that has grand potential for expansion and for creating abundance for all
of humankind.

The business system.

Right now it's the big bad wolf because the heart is forgotten and lack is the king.
It has the most potential to create change right now because it has no dogmatic,
moral or religious limitations, but seen from a dualistic perspective it can be both
destructive or constructive change. Sometimes something has to be destroyed
before something new can be build, and when there is no self governed moral,
only animal rage is left to rule the kingdom.
Where the emotion and attraction towards lack and profit resides, that is where
we see destruction most clearly.
Let us take the business that makes medicine.
This is a very good example of a business that is very strong and prosperous. It is
also an industry that is very much in the media and in consciousness.
What we have here is a fear driven business. Nobody wants to be sick or feel pain
and nobody wants to spend time in bed and be ill.
It is strong because it is based in lack, fear of survival, pain and suffering. All the
things that you do not wish for your body. You see that this is a grand potential for
growth and economic succes. Actually it has one of the strongest potential for
growth of any of the business systems.
When we are dealing with the body and the health of a person it's the most
intimate and holy. The body is a temple. It's the most advanced machinery, we
are only in the process of discovering the full potential of the body and especially
the brain. It's a sublime manifestation in 3 dimensions.
This is why when we are dealing with this very sensitive piece of equipment, but
also very strong., it demands moral and ethics that is founded on an individual
level in each human who are dealing with other peoples bodies. It actually
demands a moral that transcends the body and physical reality and the survival of
the body. Until you find such a moral in a medical/health practitioner you can only
be your own doctor, and in acute cases “professionals” would be allowed to put
your broken leg back in place :-D
What we see in the pharmaceutical industry is a boom. It's not simply because
people are getting more ill or there are viruses everywhere.
When we look at this scenery from the top of the mountain from a high
consciousness perspective that lies beyond duality, we see an extreme split in
good and bad, in up and down, in open and closed systems. This is simply
consciousness speeding up. What I mean with consciousness speeding up is that in
order for infinite evolution to move faster, the emotions has to be stronger and the
good guy has to be even better and the bad guy has to be worse then ever. This
creates a momentum so that you and everyone else have to make a conscious
choice. It also gives you the opportunity to see clearly what is good and what is
bad and therefore and most importantly what lies beyond good and bad and
One of the most important attributes of the human being is also the ability to feel
and have emotions. I will go into deeper details about the difference between
emotions and feelings at some other point. Because there is a difference.
Here it suffices to say that emotions are bulging up and everything is coming back
to you right now through all the dimensions and timelines. That means that the joy
is stronger then ever, but also the fear is stronger then ever, and who amongst
many are ready to feed on fear?

It's a feast that is unseen because of the speed of information and images. It's a
brainwash that create belief system upon belief system in such a manner that it is
so easy to get lost and confused.
The predator hunt in the easiest manner, when the pray is either confused or in fear or even better both at the same time. When
you are confused you have no clarity and logic, you just get pushed around by
the surroundings and you allow outside belief systems to enter your consciousness
and take root in you, and they grow and expand inside of you and attract other
belief systems that confirm and strengthens each other. Then you have a reality
created, but not by you.
So here we have grand potential for growth and strength because we see how
emotions ride each other and create change. It's not seen in earth history before
with such a human mass behind it. We are literally running behind a wall of
consciousness filled with emotions and pushing it forward. It's a fast train because
of the human mass behind it.

Here you have on an individual level the opportunity to feel into this creation and
see the power in it, and ride it so that it serves you in your life.
So now you begin to create an open system in yourself to begin with (until you
transcend open and closed systems and goes beyond, you will find how being
open will serve you in the best way as opposed to being closed) When you are an
open system you will inspire others to be open and eventually when enough
people are open they can begin to create outside systems such as structural
systems like a political system that is operating on a new level.
If we use the choice of taking a vaccine or not taking a vaccine as an example.
It's not about doing or don't it's, as we stated, about being open to trusting yourself
and be a master in your own body. If you have complete trust in your body and
listen to it, it will tell you all it's secrets.
That is one of the fundamental building blocks at Inspire Academy, the trust in you
and your body, and the perfection of the body as it is.
You create in yourself a safe space that nurture and nourish the innermost parts of
you. Here you are bathing in states of abundance, joy and trust in yourself.
It's about taking your energy back and fill up yourself. It's not about giving your
body, mind or consciousness away to the first and best salesman that has the
newest invention in nutritional supplement or has a vaccine that will make you
pain free.
You need to take responsibility for everything that you are and accept it all and
allow you to flow back into you. Respond (take responsibility) to your body instead
of a doctor.
Respond to the inner part of you instead of outside sales talk or media brainwash.
YOU are brainwashed you know!
One fine morning you will step out of bed and you will feel it deep inside of you.
Everything that you ever needed is inside of you. The body and the brain will cure
itself from all diseases, you will give yourself the final injection with an abundant
body. A body full of trust and joy. This injection is a state of emotion. Sustained into
forever it will feed your body on new uncharted levels. You will feel that what
creates your body is really an eternal state of joy and adventure.
The chemicals that the brain will produce for you through these states are stronger
then any illness or any vaccine. It will be a joyride. To allow this to be a reality and
a belief is a strong step for you and it can be a long and arduous march for you or
it can simply be a choice.
We think we make choices in our life and mostly we do, but it's choices that is in a
program. A program that tells you what reality is and who you are. You are
responding to outside stimuli and is making choices on a “fitting in” level, instead
of making radiating choices which are you in a constant flow of creation.
Be a master in your own life no matter if you choose to inject yourself with strange
substances or not. Let the choice be guided by your own investigation and
experiments and not by anyone else, especially not a lacking, survival based and
angry medical system that is never full and always hungry and purely works in and
for itself.
What a marvelous and transformational time we live in!

Cheers to you master.
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