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Diamond Logos Academy

Diamond Logos Academy

The Academy is envisioned as a place that can take you all the way. It is a place where the full knowledge of the Diamond Logos Teachings is available to you and where you find qualified teachers, who have walked this path themselves for many years, and still do.

The Academy offers you a coherent map of the inner domains that weaves the psychological and the spiritual levels of existence. The atmosphere is one of support for each individual’s unique ‘journey of the spirit’.


The Diamond Logos Path is a contemporary path of self-discovery and personal development that synthesizes modern psychology and ancient spiritual teachings. It is a deep and rich body of knowledge.

In the Diamond Logos work the focus is on re-connecting with our Essences and their qualities, as well as bringing awareness to any blockages we may have towards Essence and gently dissolving them through heartfelt inquiry. This work is especially suitable for people involved in modern life as well as long time seekers. Many of our students are psycho therapists, coaches, teachers, counselors, healers and body workers.


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The Essence Process

Søndag, 16 Februar 2014 19:46

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