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END... The Aliens Invasion
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EMNE: END... The Aliens Invasion

END... The Aliens Invasion 11/09/2015 12:34 #154814

Hello every. Simple telepthist, who today is in sitting with the aliens, easy can be "reborn" them into a believer in giants only. Because since last year you will find the numerous Youtubes about them, as a reality. One example...
A view opf the aliens incvasion..? Yeah... here can be the reasons.
As an example - within few past days...
New NASA team in cosmic station, by my impression received one aliens answer (in voice of Schwarcenegger) - "hello, dumbest...".
"The dumbest" why..?
Nah, NASA's calling was - "nah... introduce yourself".
And it is at this time...
Like "YOu are able from now (opnly)... It is like a simple "policy of pressing", which understanding as a dumbness could support Arnold even.
NASA - "they will be strong from now..." Who? - Arnold?
Crop circles..? Nah... People added few them madden and said - "it all is our..."
Other example of U.S. pressing - agree a weaker view - "Project HAARP", which promised to be able against all (and any) aliens system.
Other "shame" of aliens. A growth of Pleiadioans movement.
So... Be in waiting of new aliens proofs - "we do not hesitate you..."
And unimportant, if Boy George knows Shahty (as a Krishna) 14 years already.
NASA and Pentagon will say to extraterestrials - "be such, like they, who nothing were able to impress in America..

Sv: END... The Aliens Invasion 11/09/2015 12:41 #154815

I said it simple to Dwayne Brown. In comment here...

And it seems - he have a some understandings, hopes in telepathy's.
Nice person, but American system of Shocking stopping culture...

Sv: END... The Aliens Invasion 11/09/2015 12:57 #154816

"Hi dumbest..." (hm... a little bit - Scandinavian theme) Here it is enough to compare Youtubes UFO Brasil and UFO China, that to say - it is a real case. A real ship in two cases. when independent filmakers do not knew one others.

Sv: END... The Aliens Invasion 11/09/2015 15:03 #154818

  • Rene R
  • Indlæg: 746
Jeg forstår ikke hvorfor at du referere til NASA. NASA er tros alt en efterretningstjeneste som lyver ekstremt meget. Man kan ikke stole på noget som helst de siger. Du kan derimod stole på Stan Romanek der ikke siger andet end hvad jeg selv har oplevet.


I do not understand why you refer to NASA. NASA is afterall an intelligence which lies very much. You can not trust anything they say. You can, however, rely on Stan Romanek not say anything other than what I have experienced.

Sv: END... The Aliens Invasion 11/10/2015 13:49 #154826

Maybe I am wrong. But... NASA is by idea, that the aliens do not will do a danger.
This concept (like few "telepathists" already ...little) is the - "we use the extraterestrials".
What they can to answer..? "O.K. - use, like it is possible to you..."
"It is more possible for us..."(NASA). In any way - a conflict from this if do you believe that to it ("to use") is a possible in something also.
An end of this mental conflict - "I want to prohibit the aliens for some kind of people..."
I here do not think - it will be an intellectual my way, even if it is "the NASA way..."
Nah... Spent a time little..:
But in the World is a hope. See my comments there (open to gmail commenters)..

Sv: END... The Aliens Invasion 11/10/2015 14:18 #154827

  • Rene R
  • Indlæg: 746
Du kan stole lige så lidt på NASA som du kan stole på Charles Ponzi. NASA er en flok indædte svindlere.

Link 1

Link 2

You can rely as little on NASA you can trust Charles Ponzi. NASA is a bunch of inveterate swindlers.
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