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Aliens and Telepathy
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EMNE: Aliens and Telepathy

Aliens and Telepathy 08/12/2016 02:59 #158151

Here I want to describe the aliens, which by my understanding can be possible in telepathy. Or – an impression about them can to explain several cases of the mists, views the troubles. Such “test to classify them”, of course is not the correct yet. And probably never it will be the correct decision as the external point of view without the possibilities to govern a searching. But…

1’th kind here – the Galesauroids.

Galesuaroids… Galesaurus was a kind of all eating dinosaur, which selected food from a ground and (later) deeper even. Them as a food was sufficient a sour wood even. Galesaurus – the very high level of the animal with perfect jaw’s, digestion’s coordinating.
From this (1’th way) Galesaurus was able to grow till sizes of the few hippos. Or – (2th way) he was able to develop an intellect as the way from the thinking concerning the food’s organizing.
1‘th way was a basic way for our Galesauroids and the latter their continue – the very large Wild pigs. Potentially they were the very dangerous animals, which hit to the legs was mortal for the dinosaurs even. From this appeared the Mammoths even as the elephants in the more safe Northern places.
In our the World Galesaurus was a very big animal, when decided to choose a 2’th way. Socialization of the wild pigs can to explain this model – a big number of the incest’s in the need to choose the more adapting “person” and so one. From this – the lower sizes and so like.
But do exist the few Worlds of the intellectual Galesauroidic Civilization. The very big adventure to the future.
From the all mentioned here You easily can to impress the Galesauroid as the very sticky Telepathic partner.

Here. By my version – people ancestor was a smaller and the lover adapting Hadrosauroid. His way in the trees was in many thing decided of the Galesaur’s dangers.

If do You want more to impress the Galesauraus - my site.
Every fossils were collected sequentialy, not accidentally in Telepathy's way (I do want to find exactly that)

Attached image - their 2 civilizations.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 08/12/2016 03:17 #158152

2'th kind - Stegosauroid.
In other hand they - Lylli, Bollats and so like.

Do remember - the very big part of thos old civilization is do not flying.

Beings, who evolutionized from the dinosaurs with the hard fearing of the unexpected touch.
So (FROM THERE) - it is the anti-telepathic civilization with the enough big knowledge concerning telepathy.
Telepathy, from their wish - a vulgar using. And many thing - from this.
Although their wish can be parradoxical - to represent the unexpected supporters.

But this compartment is the very valid.

Their cousins (by the manner) are Ankylosauroids.

And they do have even the archaic brothers World.
Archaic Bollats (now there may - the 100 thousands of the clever level Stegosauroids only).

Attached image.
Sidste redigering: 08/12/2016 03:20 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 08/12/2016 03:54 #158153

3t'th kind - Ankylosauroids.

Principle (from the head's load's mammer - they are the vey cousins of Lylli. Although usually it is the the small persons kind.

Especial Stegosauroids interests here is in this, that Ankylosauroids are the very ancient Civilizations.

They can to achieve You in ttelepathy by the help of Your mistakes. Or - By the help of the high laws idea.

Of course - from idea of "the God's jurisdiction..."
Ankylosauroids can be the too much difficult and an active telepathic contacts case. From idea, that they can be the cousins for the higher level being... Who do fears a play here.

So - a big attached Picture about them.

One day people may will achieve such the Worlds. And then... By the wish to show those beings as the dark - they can to receive an answer from the Lylli - "Ours - the Dark..?"
Sidste redigering: 08/12/2016 03:55 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 08/12/2016 04:09 #158154

Hadrosauroids are the dinosaurs kind, with the high social warning's development. A liberal warning's system (not - the highest man's rights to warn, like it can be with Stegosauroids or so like).

4'th kind. Hadrosauroidic aliens.

People also can be called as the Hadrosauroids (luck at teme about the Galesaurus).
Few the higher level hadrosauroidic Civilizations were constructed there, where in the higher gravity and the lover contacts with Lylli.

Our the World do know them as the "higher civilizations with the UFOs". It is the incorrect understanding also.

If do You could be in the extremely high telepathy's efforts - You can to find at least 10 the Worlds of Hadrosauroids with the much lover level of our. And the Centauians or - Andromedians fully do not knows them.

They are the very drowned in the more competitive questions.

In attached images - few places with the low level Hadrosauroidic civilizations.
They could be a rare telelepathy's contact (You must impress the few times higher the air's peasurement, the much higher gravity and so one).
Sidste redigering: 08/12/2016 04:12 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 08/12/2016 04:16 #158155

5'th kind. Camptosauroidic aliens.

They also are known as the Promenads, Pleiadians and so like.

Attached image.

They do have the archaic brothers also...

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 08/12/2016 04:21 #158156

Tarcians. It is not an aliens kind.

The Lylli's created comunity only.

This I do replaced here from Yahoo Group Telepathy.
I do deleted those my messaages there.

Do think, what do You want from here...

Big number attached images. Tarcians (it is the few Ankylosauroids calling them only)
Sidste redigering: 08/12/2016 04:24 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/02/2016 03:57 #158233

People - Dolphins.

Here I openly will say, that do not very know a paradise of the Promenades (or – Pleiadians). Their the humans community is not the small and various. It could be even – 1’th… the earliest place, were appeared people from our the World. The very soon started Lylli (or – “Bollats”) competition here.

Pleiadians are playing something like the hardly decided indiference because of the Earth people inabilities in the response. Lylli sometimes are playing the angels as the hard love to be in touch.

Now – about 3’th “paradise”. Their play here is possible to call as the play with paganic shapes.

When principally they are not the too much difficult primates kind by our.

Skyrs. (So I do called them). Like in the Pleiadians case, their kind of „paradise“ is no any as the kind of „the success after death...“ Job and the interests.

It seems, their "the monkey ancestors" in the Dolphin‘s constellation were the mountaints "citizens" and their origin more fits as the "origin from the Gorillas".
Nothing the too much strange is there.

In telepathy's case You must to keep in mind, that in case of telepathy they more do agree a play with their robots as the images. The same could be with the Christ even (by his android). But it is not a play, that android is a view of the more guaranted the same person.
A basic Company, which is providing an Earth study You can to impress as the Estonia only (an exact name - Vannemaa region). All there is led of one the very famous scientist - a specialist of the stars system study.
"Do You could agree us if we could be the very strange even..?" A competition with such the laws them offern the Bollats. My - yeah... The very strange if me must to be an Estonian person (ancient Lithuanians had only the war's story with them).
Do not think - they do have a hard telepathy as a histoprical competence. In all this region I do found 150 "Sy-T" persons only. And only 3 triangular UFOs (from 92), with the telepathic dimension's study. 2 of them were in our the World, just are returned back now by the „mother planet“.
They do have a people restoring equipment also. Skyrs only one in all the Galaxy do have restored died predator‘s kind dinosauroids. 5 Tyrannosauroids (here I do know exactly) and 2 especial Allosauroids.
They do have 5 the very respectable persons from Aldebaran. This kind restored persons do have Lylli also, although it is not the addapting kind by them. Chris (nah equal) from Aldebaran is a fully simple drug addict in Lylli planet.
Nah, but here – few the espesial their people.
They – in attached image.
Sidste redigering: 09/02/2016 03:59 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/02/2016 04:18 #158235

  • mondogobbo
Are you Danish or what´s your nationality, Kurt Gustav? If you are Danish, you could just write in Danish language, it would make it more easy to understand you

Kurt Gustav actually sounds swedish. Are you Swede?
Sidste redigering: 09/02/2016 04:18 af .

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/02/2016 07:15 #158239

Not. I am Lithuanian. With sympaties to Danmark.

O.K. More of Danish..?

Aldebaran’s news. One space with the very Danish country.

Denish human's kind nation (earlier exact name Dansk) as a country practically is disappeared nation in the Hercules constellation. They were occupied of the Germans as the pagan space. Situation with Swedish island (“Svensk”) there seems the same dangerous. More about them – maybe later.

But very such nation and country like Denmark is one of the most developed in Aldebaran’s planet. In this country do exist a first newspaper in the World. The first wholesale country storages (like here was in Netherlands). It is in 13'th century's (comparable with our) level.

Do You want to impress them..?
There You easily can to find several known to You impressions.
Attached map.
“Morgen” – “Denmark…”

“Galva” – the very strong semi-Balts country.

Galva. It is possible to compare them with the Prussians. The very big number of the Danish kind languages nuances.
In the difference with our the Baltic space, they do have the rich own raw resources (iron, cement and so one). The hard pagans.

Does not exist anything like Italy. But do exist the very big Ugro-Finian (comparable) field, including Magiars (the very like Hungary). They in Europe - the basic harden Christians (comparable).

Country “Alven” fully fits to compare with the “Germany”.

In other there from the known to us do exist also a cult of the Dragon in their “China” and so like. There goes the Mongols invasion.

I do attached map for impression, how it is not our Europe.

"Correct map", because their own ideas in this question also are the very cheap still this time.
Aldebaran… The very conflict zone with the big differences.
Do find more.

By my smart impression, can be, that do exist 3 additional civilizations of this beings kind (other attachement - image). Aldebaran is the strongest level.

Demonic prepared Aldebaranians... People already do fears them. Although their usual level is an earliest Stone Age only...

Sidste redigering: 09/02/2016 07:28 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/02/2016 07:31 #158240

  • Rene R
  • Indlæg: 746
Jeg tror Kurt Gustav er, for kunstnerisk til, at vi kan forstå ham.
Følgende bruger(e) synes godt om: RealityLooming

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/02/2016 07:36 #158241

  • mondogobbo
Rene R skrev:
Jeg tror Kurt Gustav er, for kunstnerisk til, at vi kan forstå ham.

Hvis han, som han siger, er fra Litauen, giver det jo mening. Hans artikler er formentlig oversat direkte fra litauisk til engelsk via Google Translate. Og så forklarer det, hvorfor hans artikler er lidt svære at forstå. Det er muligvis ret interessante ting, han skriver om. Men jeg får bare ikke fat i så meget af det.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/05/2016 06:50 #158268

Rene R skrev:
Jeg tror Kurt Gustav er, for kunstnerisk til, at vi kan forstå ham.

Yah. Min ønskeliste er at forfølge dig ..

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/05/2016 07:00 #158269

And then…

Our the World and the world of Hercules planet. The very especial World, where many thing is “our experience again”. They so much like we, that by my understanding, people are able to get "the mixed kids" with them.

By the wish to impress the basic differences, You must to keep in mind the few basic nuances.
There does not exist Black Sea.
From this is the big Asian desert until Ukrainian West (in compartment with the our terms).
“Mediterranean Sea” is the visible broader than our and from this Arabia is not as the desert (Arabs number is the very big). Dies not exist the fields of Ireland, and Latvia. Estonians field – the much more eastern. Greece seems the too much big. Spain and the Slavs zone – the too much small.

"Letowe" (in the map.) it is an historical name of the Lithuanians. Their language is the very different of our (an example” lith. “esu” means - “I am”. Their I am” – “binma”).
But this the name’s fact and a nuance, that they are the amber’s country under crusaders pressing, taken me to be interested in this region principally.
The Balts fully disappeared in the “Renats” planet.

In attached picture – one telepathist from another World. Do impress my efforts to collect info through such the contacts.

Here I do want to warn – Longdon’s (“London’s”) time there is a parallel with the time of the Hollywood. Do not play the Gods with the light within their night in Europe.
More details about the events in Hercules – the next time.

P.S. I very do impress a situation, when You are tired (from my own experience)from sdo much "the dirrections". But, I do think – this material will be an enough simple episode to think later (time by time).

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 03:59 #158278

So… Hercules planet…
The basic difference by the our Middle Centuries the World could be this one nuance, that there does not exist anything equal like our “India”.
"Their China" in the many thing is the more colorful the cults complex in compartment with our China. There are the giant statues and so one.

Sect, which can be called as the Buddhists, do exist in their Central Africa.

Nah… But for us, of course, could be the basic to know their Christianity’s specific.
This - in attached image...

Them, who are disappointed of my earlier notices about the Denmark, I do want to say – it is a country with the big population (the much bigger of Swedish with their 600 soldiers only). So this ethic group do not must to disappear. Although for the Danish writing in the “Dansk” there You can be hanged like heretic.

Nah, the best illustration for the events in Hercules can be this one…


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 04:21 #158281

Hercules. And something may actualy (for telepathists) interesting at the end.
Just do not forgot.
Their Laksin ("Latin") letters.

Also... There do exist the Vatican's currency (coins) in all the Christians Europe.
Sidste redigering: 09/06/2016 04:23 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 05:29 #158282

  • mondogobbo
Ciao Signor Karlgustav,

provo a scriverti in Italiano, visto che l´inglese non sembra il tuo forte...

Secondo la tua esperienza personale esistono davvero i rettiliani mutaforma come sostiene da anni lo scrittore ed il ricercatore inglese, David Icke? Hai qualche esperienza personale con i rettiliani oppure ne hai sentito parlare?


Hej Hr. Karlgustav,

jeg prøver at skrive til dig på italiensk da engelsk ikke synes at være din stærke side...

Efter dine personlige erfaringer eksisterer de reptile formskiftere virkelig, som den engelske forfatter og forsker David Icke har påstået i årevis? Har du nogle personlige erfaringer med reptilerne eller har du hørt tale om dem?
Sidste redigering: 09/06/2016 05:32 af .

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 07:30 #158283

  • Rene R
  • Indlæg: 746

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 07:40 #158284

David Icke belongs to the Pleiadians comunity. It is possible to find through the more new Youtubes "Pleiadians". Do You want then, or - not, but - this do decide an opinion, who can be the leaders in the introducing of the correct IDEAS (only).
My efforts here do not to be in the belongings by such point of view.
Just - in sympaties to people with symbio telepathic efforts.
ALL BASICALLY - FROM (and - for) OUR THE WORLD'S RESOURCES. As the primary resources.

For this... My opinion from here is this one...
Pleiadians do have 3000 Galesauroids comunity from the planet by the Caph star.
Are the Galesauroids (my earlier message) the Reptilians..? It is the taste's question maybe.

Then. Pleiadians through this comunity do want to provide their experts about the reptilians and to decide the human's potential "how to know the Reptilians?" The correct by the Galesauroids.

Correct by the human..?
Smartly..? Why they must to have this a need..?
Hercules planet's Letowe or - the Warsians (within the personal demonic moods) with the helmet do seems more visible like "the reptilian..." It is the more addaptive influence how to imress. In the Caph even does not exist the resources for the more serious telepathic "intro".

Nah.. 2 attached images. One - in the teme of the "Reptilians". Other - additionally about the Herculess

P.S. This does not means, that here can be a wish o prohibit David Icke's kind art. Art's choises question is a free question.
Sidste redigering: 09/06/2016 07:45 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 07:43 #158285

  • mondogobbo
Du har nok ret i at jeg til tider er en drillepind, René. Men jeg mener selv, at det for det meste er godmodigt drilleri. Humor er en vigtig del af livet og i mange af mine indlæg er der også en del humoristiske undertoner - selvom jeg som udgangspunkt er seriøs. Men man skal bare ikke altid tage ALT, hvad jeg skriver, 100% for pålydende. Lad mig sige, at for 80-90%´s vedkommende er jeg seriøs og de sidste 10-20% laver jeg lidt sjov eller skriver tingene med et glimt i øjet. Lidt også for at vække til eftertanke.

Se f.eks. min nuværende avatar. Den er halvt seriøs og halvt humoristisk. Seriøs fordi jeg tror, der er noget med de dersens reptiler. Men også humoristisk, fordi jeg godt ved, at billedet er lidt latterligt - men derfor morsomt.
Sidste redigering: 09/06/2016 07:44 af .

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 07:46 #158286

  • Rene R
  • Indlæg: 746

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 07:46 #158287

"Du har nok ret i at jeg til tider er en drillepind, René..."

Not - it was my impression by computer within a thinking. OTHER RENE... Do relax mondogobbo and do read a previous message. Is a photo and description "like who".

"Scotish queen" image.
Sidste redigering: 09/06/2016 07:49 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 08:15 #158288

  • Rene R
  • Indlæg: 746
Jeg fandt lige en video med mondogobbo i hovedrollen. Jeg anede ikke at han var skuespiller.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 08:25 #158289

  • mondogobbo
Det var sørens, René. Der blev jeg godt nok busted hvá!!

Ja, jeg kryber til korset og indrømmer det. Jeg er selv en reptil formskifter og er i virkeligheden bare disinfoagent. Det, jeg skriver herinde er 50% sandt og 50% løgn og latin. Jeg gør det for at vildlede jer. I virkeligheden er vi øgler nogle flinke og rare væsener, men jeg skriver at vi er onde for at I mennesker skal være bange for os. Så I ikke tør gøre oprør. For hvis I gør det, taber vi helt sikkert, da vi i virkeligheden er nogle vatnisser, der ikke er så gode til at slås. Vi øgler er i virkeligheden mega fredelige og harmløse.

Her er som jeg ser ud i virkeligheden. Det er mig til højre..

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 08:49 #158290

  • Abel
  • Indlæg: 948
Jeg troede du hed; Michael Mondogobbo, men Kaj er måske også bare en rollemodel?
Ret ofte synes jeg at ha set dig i rollen som; David Icke.
Hvem af jer der overspiller mest, er faktisk svært at bedømme.
Du står sikkert til en Oscar! eller en Bodil!

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/06/2016 10:13 #158291

  • mondogobbo
Abel skrev:
Jeg troede du hed; Michael Mondogobbo, men Kaj er måske også bare en rollemodel?
Ret ofte synes jeg at ha set dig i rollen som; David Icke.
Hvem af jer der overspiller mest, er faktisk svært at bedømme.
Du står sikkert til en Oscar! eller en Bodil!

Hedder DU da Abel Brandt? (Jeg tvivler )

Jeg ved ikke, hvor meget jeg overspiller. Jovist giver jeg den da lidt gas og smørrer lidt tykt på hist og her, men i det store og hele mener jeg stadig hvad jeg skriver. Men nogle gange er det nødvendigt at provokere lidt eller at give sine indlæg lidt kant for at få en debat i gang.

En troll er jeg dog ikke. For en troll skriver kun, det han/hun skriver udelukkende for at drille og vildlede. Når jeg af og til smørrer lidt ekstra tykt på, et det jo slet ikke mit formål at vildlede. Men blot at vække til eftertanke eller at fange læseren med en lidt provokerende/firkantet fremstilling af tingene. René gør det samme, har jeg bemærket. Giver - tror jeg - bevidst sine indlæg lidt ekstra kant på for at fremme sit budskab. Men kan dog diskutere, om man mest vinder eller taber derved. Nogle gange er der brug for en provokation for at få gang i sagerne og få en reaktion frem. Men overdriver man det, kan det hele til sidst blive for useriøst og utroværdigt. Den balance kan til tider være svær at finde.

Mit bud er, at René nogle gange bliver lidt kantet i sin formulering ("du er min dødsfjende", f.eks.) for at skære igennem og få et klart standpunkt frem. Måske for at provokere modparten til en stærk reaktion, så diskussionen for alvor tager fart. - Men nogle gange kan man også få så megen kant på, at man lukker af for yderligere dialog. Og ved ved jeg ikke, om det altid er hensigtsmæssigt. For hvis man ikke vil dialog med andre, hvordan kan man så rykke ved andres ideer og opfattelser?
Sidste redigering: 09/06/2016 10:17 af .