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Aliens and Telepathy
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EMNE: Aliens and Telepathy

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 04/25/2017 06:26 #160551

Taurus Nr.2. as an influence. Few notices.
This march like any replic is built just now in Russia. Indeeed it is a Soviet march from Taurus Nr. 2

In Germany there is exact this march.

Do You see a big difference???

To You… Danish flag there is fully like here.

But… Today…
“Situation by the Finland’s - Soviet board was hotter and hotter. Soviet Army within the reaction to situation crossed a board…”
Such Voska’s radio’s announcement was just yesterday.
Hm. “The Hot Finland” in the November there. Yes – exactly this month now is in Taurus Nr. 2.

So much the news from me.

Little additionally - 2 attached images
Sidste redigering: 04/25/2017 06:34 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 04/25/2017 07:33 #160552

If do You are already tired..
I do added something "of the enough sexuality's questions as for the women (it already was before, but...) here.
A temporare message again.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 04/27/2017 07:08 #160553

Nah... Hercules news.

Germany won a battle against France and still do control a half of this territory.
But... The very bad prognosis for the anti-French Denmark and Sweden there (as the - "pro-Germans"...).
Month ago do started Dansk's expedition to Gvinea (the very comparable space).

Spain do satarted in the war against England (their ship just do attacked one of the biggest their Island (at the right by England) and do received their ships there.

Nah... From the prognosis... The very prognocing Danish support to England can to decide a Gvinea's loosing.
Sunga still do wins.

And the basic news today - do started Lithuanian-Estonian intervention to Sweden.
In Hercules it could be 2'th such case.

Within investingation Danish prince became into Letowe prisoner.

Something - in attached images.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/02/2017 03:59 #160577


Here I placed a map of "Sweden in Hercules".
Do believe - it is the very patient study of the basic differences...

You will understand, why Danish sities oriented to Swedish side,
are placed in the Northern sides (this was mentioned as for Hercules Dansk.)

Nah.. At the same there - as for mentioned Danish prince.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/02/2017 04:07 #160578

The basic news in the Bollats World, which can to touch a Hercules, is a death of Vidutis.
Just buried...

The very famous person in this case, that it is an earlier the God's role player (in telepathy) for the Christ of Hercules (for Altes), when he just do built his way to be the Christ.

So - died the Hercules Christ's Father in other World.

Vidutis is mentioned in his inspired later mythology.
As for my opinion - it wasc any liar of the Hunans origin,
do received of the Bollats like any exotic.
A person without the roots.

In any way - he is mentioned like such one.
Sidste redigering: 05/02/2017 04:14 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/02/2017 07:57 #160581

Few notices as for the nervous Scandinavia of Hercules.

Just now do appeared the earliest Germans in Scandinavia Nr. 3
Pyxis Scandinavia.
In the fearing of the "Giants" (nah... in the fearing of the Romans "in Austria's space"...).

Do believe - it is a Truth... The first German kind Swedish... And reason here is one only.

Is it a lession..? The few notices in the attached images.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/03/2017 03:46 #160588

Scotland of Hercules.

The few necessary Words.

As a firsatly I must to say, that Hercules here is again the very strange with the cities names.

Capital town of Skiltland there is Oxford.
It could be a place (comparable) of Glasgow.

Other - attached pictures.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/04/2017 04:16 #160592

Few ford as for "the unknown Denmark of Hercules.."

Gunsberg and Co.
Here it is something indeed strange (why this is "employed"?).
Nah... My opinion only.

So ...Gunsberg.. Population - 1,7 of the million's (2 times "over ethnic Danish").
Required soldiers ("proffessionals..?") number - 10 thousands (just).

Dansk's expedition to Akrika (Africa), do started 1 month ago.
They (in the homeland) still do not know the results.
Attached Picture.
Sidste redigering: 05/04/2017 04:17 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/08/2017 04:03 #160599

The biggest event today for the Pleiadians believers.

Their trip to Taurus 2.

Nah... An entertainment to film the World War.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/12/2017 06:17 #160632

Nah... The usual Hercules news.

It seems, that 2000 Lithuanians and 8 hudred Estonians soldiers
still are in success in Swensk.
They do received 2 castles.

Swedish of Hercules were do not able to collect an army
(one of the possible troubles - the big grip's epidemia).
In the few small groups battles Swedish loosed 100 soldiers. Lithuanians - 8 persons.

This and other... - The very hot for Germany (and that very soon will be known there) - the attached images.
Sidste redigering: 05/12/2017 06:19 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/18/2017 06:24 #160659

Hercules news.

And the most hot could be 3:
1. Warsia (Austria) intruded in the Northern Italy.
2. France do started with a plan to get a Northern Western Africa’s side (like Morocco typo),
3. 14 000 Krewo soldiers battle VS. 16 000 “independents” (I’ve mentioned a revolt in the East of Volga river). Krewo loosed here but still do have 30 000 soldiers reserve.

This revolt is the very important question. In the case, if “independents” wins, Krewo in the West of Volga will be with the 3 million people population only. When a half the native Russians”. They only are a regular soldiers reserve.
But Krewo usually is behaving like she already do have the few times bigger resources.
In the real, Krewo do not have the more native Russians, than Kyiv – the “native Kyivans”.
Something of statistics:
Krewo town is like Kyiv and do have 5700 citizens.
Necessary to think – the same was 15’th Century’s Moscow (was one wooden Church only).
2’th city in Krewo "Cartstvo" do have 2000 citizens.
Others do not have more of 1 thousand.

Here Dansk could a much stronger view in compartment with Russia of Hercules.
Also - for compartment Swensk cities.
Goteborg – 5000 people,
Sweaborg – 2,8 thousands,
Jorge – 1,4 thousands,
Malmo – 5 hundred.
Also: Miska – 6 thousands,
Liega - 3000.

Few days ago 700 Lithuanians won a battle against 400 Swensk soldiers and destroyed a royal Swione castle. Now “Sweden of Hercules” do have 2 survived castles only (for compartment – an ethnic Lithuania do have 80 castles).

Other events. Germans in France do loosed several territories, but still do have 25 perc. of France.

Germany do invited France in the negotiations for the peace, because - at a start – Kolish (“Poland”) war VS. Germany. Poland is also weak as for the castles or - the arsenals, but their hope – Czech, Lithuanian support.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/18/2017 06:33 #160660

Dansk news

In return – Danish ship from Akrika with the trophies (7 hunted lions, few niggers and so like)

Few days ago died king of the Dansk. And a basic pretender to this tittle today only left Lithuanian prison (monastery) in Miska city for the trip through Koland till Bronberg (the closest Danish town).
Sidste redigering: 05/18/2017 06:35 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 06/01/2017 03:09 #160687


Do not started a Letove - Kolish war V.S. Germans.
They do decided a peace. To Lithuanians was left a Center side of Sweden.
Dansk sent a commision to decide the islands by their colony in "America".
Greeks ship now is in 2 days distance by America.

Germans in Southern America without War do decided a peace with "Japanese" (Nippon).
Here is the very important event - it is a first Germany's peace with the Pagans.

Other the very specific news - in attached picture.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 06/01/2017 03:18 #160688

Couple years ago I with the big hazard do collected the Stone Age artifacts…
And now I do have the biggest collection in the World even. It is not difficult, because…

Indeed do exist the very small their number and the characters.
An example – Finland do have such collection only, which was the Germans enthusiasts (an end of 19’th Century) gift them..
Nah... Probably hey do fears a view, that their ancestors were the elfs - gnomes. With the very small hands and so like... It is a thuth - Ugro-Finnic tools are for the very small hands (such tools I do have a biggest number also).

[b]So… Now – my conclusion as for our the World.

Our Scandinavians" (especially) origin… My temporare clip... If somebody will prove, that Swedish ancestors has the vey hairy chest... Then I will agree, that "it is no any thuth..."

But still, from the existing factology - the exact Swedish ancestors...

Sidste redigering: 06/01/2017 03:31 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/03/2017 03:34 #160792

Kurtgustav skrev:
Nah... Hercules news today (yeah... the very meantime).

Dask little increesed their territory in the East by Dansk...

Again their pretension is Swensk, because Letowe do left them...

The basic reason of this situation - Dansk's competition to play "The Best Kastolics" (Katholics)". Nah... I do not know, how much strong will be "Denmark" with the dominant Jesits (Jesuites) agency).

Lithuanians do destroyed Gotland (the very from... there - the activest Jesits)...
Principally this all do decided "Vatican"...
When Germany attacked France - pope distributed a proclamation - "Sherens (nah.. "Christians") must be active".
Typo - "French losing comes from the reasons of their inactivity (do not the Vatican's)"
Principally - it is like correct, but...

The most active after this inquiry were Swensk and Dansk.
Simple - "no any peace with the pagans - or - the Eastern sherens (like Russia's or so like). In result - a war with Lithuanians.

This inquiry is a valid by this time, so...

In a rising - Dansk's conflict with Viazma (in "America")...
Conflict with the Lithuanian (as for tavels through Dansk)...

Other possible conflict - with Skiltland (as for influence in Netherlands... here Skiltland has a success to receive the few Netherland's capitans VS. Germany).

Skiltland, by the way do disagreed to participate in the Crussades "behind the Germans". And so so as for Danish reasons to see them as the wrong Kastolics...

Skiltland just do ocupied (won from the Germans) Kuma Island ("Cuba" like...). It will be the most stubbing news for Europe.
And do started in the Dansk's dirrection...

French king started to the tavel (to Southern Akrika (Africa)...
Sidste redigering: 07/03/2017 03:44 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/03/2017 07:37 #160800

Hercules in continue...

Nah, and it seems - at this evening (do remeber - "their American daytime" is like our European...) Germans will lose every their ships by Southern America due to Lithuanians attack.

It was an ansver to their attack week ago. The most interesting, that Germany started with ethnic cleaning in the Koland's coast.
They did a turn of Kashubians against Lithuanians. Typo - do receive a land.
These people simple do received this from Lithuanians. A land with imunity...

This and the Lithuanians situation - 1'th image...

Also today...

In arrival there are 2 "Danish" ships... Why they necessary..?

To think about - 2'th image...


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/05/2017 03:05 #160806

Hercules and the Danish delicacies today...

My impressions...

"Scotland do occupied Cuba" (15'th Century there) and..

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/05/2017 07:22 #160808

At the same time the hot news from Taurus...

Here I wants to say, that Lenin there has a name Lunin (is Luningrad and so like).

Poland is the Germans and... attached image
Sidste redigering: 07/05/2017 07:23 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/07/2017 03:31 #160817

Taurus news today…

The basic news – Gerlich’s speech – “It is a shame, if do not all the Germans nation is ready to defence a nation…”

Before this… In this the night Germany do bombed a rail station in Danish capital city Copenhavn

World’s press smartly actualized this like a crisis... Germany’s preparings of intervention…
Germany do gowers an air over Danemark..."

In answer Danish prime minister said – "Denmark is no any The Germans Nation" (“they are Danish only” typo).

I (like the many in other countries) very do not impress this a puzzle "Germany do received Danemark"... The very visible, that the many "weak details" were hidden from the Danish concepts. But Danish goverment did a big mistake with this declaration: "Danemark is without a Germans nation" There is like was here...

Other of this situation. Germany do losed 2 big ships (do bombed Britain)..

The next... Germany from invasion to Hungary will receive the soldiers (it is the very visible)… There do existed the smartly grown pro-Nazis (anti-Slavs) groups (due to Russia’s intervention to Finland).

Russia is stopping a war with Finland.
Sidste redigering: 07/07/2017 03:37 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/07/2017 03:51 #160818

Gerlich's propaganda team already have a command to do such a movie (is a prepared photographers team "in the necessary points")... Here I must to say - now is a December month in Taurus. This a big difference only (it is easy to impress a Russia's weakness in Finland).

Sidste redigering: 07/07/2017 03:54 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/10/2017 03:44 #160822

Denmark Capitulated. So much from Taurus.

To Germany in this case was enough 1 bomber to watch everything. Simple - Denmark will do attack him, or - not..? Was - NOT...

Nah... if it is a too big risk them, then was enough 200 persons troop on Copenhavn and 1 thousand Germans soldiers (ONLY), who do crossed a board.

Germany by Danish board (INCLUDING a Pomerania) has 20 thousands soldiers army (even - the weakest army) group only. And this psychologic operation - never seen their victory (when already active Danish militants number was 60 thousands.. ).

At the same time Germany occupied all Hungary and do built a crizis by Lithuania. Like any Germany's manouever. Here is the much easier (Germany do not wants a view for Russia).

More - the attached pictures. There - Danish flag and so like.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/10/2017 07:17 #160825

Taurus "on line"... At the same time today Japan agreed an order (from Germany) to attack the Netherlands colony (a space like Indonesian Sumatra). They started with 4 aircrafts. What do come from..? Nah… You...

Here to me is the very interesting Jewas ("Jesus of Tautus"). Nah - "Dzhyvas" (in English) "In other world" (do not in his) for the friends Jevas do have another nick-name...
He like do not impress a Nazi kind World war and - he is only happy, that "from this his is a Stalin even..."(?) An image about him.
Sidste redigering: 07/10/2017 07:20 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/11/2017 03:15 #160827

“Germany do occupied Netherlands”. Is something here about..?

Exactly today Germany of Taurus do started in the Netherlands.

Germans propaganda now was built on the weakness question.
1. Germany is the weak by the unknown enemies. Like in the Europe does not exist an exact enemy (or simple - a power). Nah... Germany them do not knows due the weakness..
2. Do exist the countries, which do not want a Germany (nah... "the dumbest countries").
3. And do exist the countries, which do wants (because she is weak). Nah... still it is the Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands.

The most interesting effect from do received Moscow… SHE IS ONE POWER ONLY. The very surprised they do started with an idea, that our Army is the over anybody…” SHE WAS ALREADY SUPER, LIKE SHE IS (the very big Jeltsin’s mistake for the future)…

Then… Soviets do filmed a battle (in the real – no any the real battle) against Japan.

Like it was this one “battle” here… Today Russia stopped typo this typo battle.

And of course, they are preparing such parads. According to song - "Red Army is stronger than every... She is ready to achieve the British Seas even". Something the exclusivelly exactly like there now is a process in Taurus.

Sidste redigering: 07/11/2017 03:31 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/12/2017 02:50 #160829

Taurus today.

Nah… After this “victory yesterday against Japan”, Russia today invaded in a part of Romania… It fits here this Russia’s propaganda movie - Romanian soldier evacuation from Bessarabia. It was after Germany’s promises to normalize this situation.

In our the World's history this the events net was a very fatal construct to Japan.
1. As a firstly – every British, American newspapers roared – “Japan is in attack”. So this Russia’s-Japanese battle – nothing strange.
2. The next was Germany’s pressing do not disturb a Germany’s-Russia’s play. Japan became into player Nr.3 behind Germany and Russia. With a promise to keep a silence.

But then… This Russia’s “victory against the best Japan army”, as “the real”, was advertised in Japanese sides (Korea, China… there is Japanese place by the Mongolian – Chinese coast). Japanese with their the closed mouths were as a view of agreement and a fearing there. In the Chinese eyes.
And Russia easy heated Chinese communists about their smart possible support. Of course – it was an effect to Japanese too – Chinese are the waiting enemies only.

At the same time – Germany today… In Belgium.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/13/2017 02:48 #160832

Taurus today.

It seems, Russia do occupied Mongolia...
2 Japan's aircraft demostratively for the few minutes do crossed Russia's board ard came back.
It was a hit to Russia's propaganda, that they are governing an air.

Germans (various workers) do left Romania, so it means, that here will be something other (Russia is planing to get all this country).