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Aliens and Telepathy
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EMNE: Aliens and Telepathy

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 07/14/2017 12:12 #160833

Taurus today...

Germany concentrated a big Army Group in Denmark (32 000 soldiers).

Japanese 19 ships are by Inoneia.

In Romania was delivered 1 echelon of the Georgian nationality Russian soldiers.

Nah... "Goes a revolution of the Internatinalists..."
Russians in Romanian clothes must to kill a Romania's Royal family, the every their army technicians (that could be a view - they were without the any chance) and so like.

In the real - was possible to fight.
1. Due to such propaganda's scheme, "supporting Russia" do not use an aviation's suppor and the bigest trouble if do appears such kind enemy.
2. Amunition (simplest) is the very limited and hers using could be afer the too long "situation's analysis".

About this - attached Picture.
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