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Aliens and Telepathy
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EMNE: Aliens and Telepathy

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/11/2017 10:03 #161041

Alosauroids planets news

Emperor's Saulus Army (his comparable image was here) do won a West of Ukraine.

In this planet (like in Napoleon's times here) goes a big science's rising and a question of ateismus.

So ...behind an army do appeared the big scientists group (archaeologists, historians etc.)

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/11/2017 10:08 #161042

Tyrannosauroids News...

Jedai came in one Island. It could be here like an ancient "Israel invided in Cyprus".
Also something - in attached image...

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/12/2017 11:25 #161043


The basic "strange news" from their war could be:

An additional 200 thousands Germans military group (more of the half there - the Bulgarians and especially - the Hungarians) came to Turkey.

The very big part of the Byelorussian collaboracionists do left Germans in in the command of Boiko do built the partisants for the "Vilno Belarus" (free Belarus). Americans do delivered the a part of the trophy guns (Germans kind) from the Norway through Lithuania.

Attachements - their flag...
Sidste redigering: 09/12/2017 11:26 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/14/2017 09:37 #161045

"UFO level" news.

Centaurs today are somewhere over England.

By the way - they did a first UFO show over Pleiades planet.
Do impress - the first ideas there as for the aliens existing...

In the Dolphins planet Whitney's Houston's daughter (may somebody do not knows - she was died here in 2015) was placed in hospital...

A do not guaranty as for the last "impression" to me, so - an attached picture...

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/14/2017 10:54 #161046

People cloning of the Bollats (an additional smth. to the versions in the prev. page Nr. 9 here). As I understood, an usual “clone’s impression” is a to side by the “original body”. Original human the usually to see a hallucination of an additional light or an image and do think, that something is bad with his eyes regulating.

Now – a view of this cloning’s moment. May something will be understandible. Within the first 4 seconds of this interview.

Other person was cloned within this filming. He is an especial peson... Usual his "nickname is Johnson). He - The Bollats UFO projects instructor and - a constructor.
His cloning's moment is in the time 7:53. An earlier Charles Henderson...

Sidste redigering: 09/14/2017 10:56 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/14/2017 14:06 #161047

Taurus news.

And You will be the first in Galaxy, who will do know this.
After day will be a Germany's attach VS. Baltic States.

Here I the very know the possible nuances.

Military Groups compartment.

Lithuania - 80 thousands ready soldiers... 70 thousands - reserves (in the North).
Latvia - 120 thousands mobilised soldiers... Lithuania-Latvia from the Russia's interventional test principally is working like the coordinated soldiers Group (group of the Latvians are in the North of Lithuania).

Germans Army - 200 thousands soldiers and 80 thousands as the reserverve (or - for the occupation's police function). The basic part - the older age reserve's soldiers.

Germany's tanks and the rmoured vehicles number: 420.
Lithuanian armoured vehicles number: 80
Latvian: 50

German aircrafts: 40 high level attackers and 15 as the heavy bombers. (100 "middle level" as the reserve).
Lithuania: 140 aircrafts as the all.
Latvia - 80 aircrafts + 20 high level evacuated French airstrickers.

Principally it is a strange Germany's need... Differently than in Hungary or - France (or even - in Turkey) - in the Baltic states does not a heavy industry's kind, which can to support the Germans specifics technologies.
Does not there an oil or smth. else like this.

And the promising "trophy" from could be ...the 4 trains only. And do believe - it will be the big price.

Today there - 4'th (or - the 5'th) of December.
Sidste redigering: 09/14/2017 14:12 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/18/2017 10:39 #161052

Here – some the words as for the humanoids differences.

Dolphins, or – the Gammanoids (Gamma star’s people).

Their planet is a little smaller of our. Their behavior is the much more introverted in compartment with our.
It is - the behavior, which is the much more oriented to the closer person ONLY. They easily cound be as the more egoistic the view. But in other they do seems as the much more organized ( "do You impress a result with our the help..? I smartly will be ready to start for the hope..? Only say a moment for me to come..???" ). Gammanoids simple could be a simple "view the non-jewish people"...

In the Gammanoids space You can be the very smartly be correctly ignored, if Yoy are just little “like a distant” (no any “hello”, smile or so like). In their streets You do not will see so much the walking women like here (for the images distant show).

Here is an interesting moment to me – this kind NORMALY do not would be a better in telepathy (like in the case of “comfortable manner”). The same is as for Electra star’s humanoids.


Taurians planet is the bigger of our (gravity is 25 perc. the bigger). Night day time is 23,75 of our the hours. Their behavior is the more extraverted. They are the much more oriented to the distant person (in compartment with our) as the euphoric or "the transcendental" mannerism. They do seems as the much more kiddy, but – more hopefully. Taurians normally can to come by You, from the bigger distance, like to the question…

This kind NORMALY can be a better in telepathy (like in the case of “comfortable manner for the unknown distance”). They do have even the manner (left hand's lifting), which is oriented to the invisible distant person (our such manner "do stop" is oriented to the visible person).

They do seems the very sweet to me... If the Taurians pre-anchestors could be do not evolutionized into the clever beings – they could be this monkey (there this kind do not exist).

Sidste redigering: 09/18/2017 10:40 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/18/2017 10:57 #161053


Nah... Germans were stopped by Lithuania.

Americans do added there the one heavy bomber and the 2 air-strikers. Germany's attack planner general Lunden was killed by a bomb in the Eastern Prussia. Nah... You do impress this...
Was bombed one the Germans city and their u-bots port.

Germans were stopped by the Eastern Latvia also (yesterday). The high succes were the mortars and a specific Lithuanian Taurian aircraft with the 4 large caliber guns against the military columns.

The very like such action within the very low fly... In the all Germans alredy do losed 40 aircrafts (with the attacked in their airport in the Eastern Prussia). So...

Sidste redigering: 09/18/2017 11:03 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/18/2017 14:25 #161054

Here I wants to say, that if do You really wants a better and – the more true telethical contact from You.

Then for the simmilar wishing people of Taurus, You must to orient them, that You - the human from Aquarius (Water Bearer) stars constellation.
The same name for our space do have the Hercules people.

The more funny is with the Pleiades (star Electra) humanoids. There our the Sun, as the star is in the constellation of Centaurus, when for us this constellation is in other space.

Fully funny is with the Gammanoids. Them it is we are the Taurians (such term could be from our constellation’s name). The same – with the Syrians (they agree a play “They – Pleiadians), concerning us…

For the Centaurs we are from the Bootes constellation.

For the Dove constellation higher level the aliens (rodent mammals kind) we are the lizads (in the Lizard’s constellation).

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/19/2017 09:07 #161055

Taurus 1 news.

And there You also will be the first in Galaxy about…

Kartagenan ship now is starting in return from "Tarkim Island". It is a Puerto Rico (comparable).

Other ship now is by the coast, which later will be called as the

It is a more tin semi-island (in compartment with Your.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/19/2017 09:21 #161056

Kartagena or - Carthage from Taurus 1.

A first such a culture's person (name - Diskas) do have the Dolphins.

No one "other World" before has a "Phoenician kind a person".

They were the exclusivelly clever and I very do sympathise them...
Sidste redigering: 09/19/2017 09:23 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/21/2017 11:31 #161061

Hercules news today.

Nah… Necessary to say this, because something extravagant is there.

"Never seen" the Germans ships (nah… if exactly – every they are the Netherlands) fleet day after day was sent on “America”. Up to 108 ships even. 40 them will be in the war VS. Skiltland.

Here I wants to say one nuance – Germany principle is under Saxonan king’s government. His own resources there is Saxonan duchy with 2 million of people and a sprightly govern his Netherlands with over one million of people. From this goes the very seriously different Hercules Deutschland’s specific… To Saxonans do belongs an ocean kind initiative.

Other Herzog’s are his supporters. An example – Puerto Rico (“St. Anna Island” there) now (after the new coming) is settled basically of the Franks. Soldiers teem in Southern side of America basically is from the Burs. Do not participate here Westphalia (fits this compartment) land etc. South East declared now is in the fighting for the free confederation of Switzerland.

So, Saxony do sent now 12 thousands of people group (7 thousands soldiers from) to the entire very large lands continuum. And it is a big load to Saxony… When Skiltland, which do not have the borders troubles, easily is adding now 20 thousands soldiers and “it does not an end…”

How it is difficult, You can to impress does not for the this one nuance, when Switzerland is a load on Saxony.
Yesterday – Koland do sent 2 thousands soldiers in Czech to fight against the Germans… One of the basic reasons is Germans growth by the Brussia (“eastern Prussia” in compartment). There Crusaders organization is sharing their land to the Southern Eastern direction.
Principally it does means a Southern Western Poland’s occupation. Through the variants, when a Koland is like the semi-independent magnates corporation. Through a “separate work” with the each Kolish magnate. So Kolish king do decided "a compensation" – the test to get a Czech crone.

Other excl. new (Danish) – attached image…
Sidste redigering: 09/21/2017 11:32 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/21/2017 13:47 #161062

Denmark of another Worlds is indeed in the hot days...

Taurus Nr. 2.

Gerlich few days ago did a very hard hysteric declaration “against the hidden Jews in the small countries”.
It was a principle pretext to attack the Baltic States. Here is one nuance… Lithuania few years ago gave to Germany a part of sea coast (it is like a Klaipeda’s annexation, that was here). After this Germany declared, that every territorial questions now are regulated…” (nah… they simple has an idea of the Russia’s arrival in these countries, then they will be as the freedom’s returners…”).

So… But Germans were stopped. Within the few days they do loosed 30 up to thousands persons (basically – hospitalized or so like.)
But due to this speech Germans yesterday do started in Denmark to regulate the Jews question.

In the Dansk of the Hercules absolutely synchronically arrived the few thousands Jesins (Jesuits) "for the help against the heretics and especially – the Iraklians (Jews of Hercules).

Few thousands the Iraklians are leaving now Czech (for the Germans settlement there) country...

I wants to remember – as for the Christ of Hercules (Altes) is here. What do this Iraklian Nr. 1.??? Nah... Day ago he has a gripe…
Sidste redigering: 09/21/2017 13:51 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/22/2017 09:35 #161065

Nah… Acrika’s (African) news of Hercules.

English ship comes back from the Southern Africa. Their project – a colony there.

2 Swedish ship are at the few days distance by Lesoto. Their project – “Christianization”.
Here and in the next a basic reason is the cultural nuances. People Lesoto are the very adaptive (intuitive) to the Swedish behavior.

20 Acrikan ships, madden in Tonga by the Latvian project with the few hundred Tongese tribe (the very small tribe) appeared by the Latvian "Bahamas" (asta Island etc.).

1200 Latvians (basically – Semigalians) group arrived in the Tonga – Beninan space. Project – colonization of this enough empty space.

In Senegal arrived the Lithuanian metallurgists with the educated Karachi (nah… native “Jamaican, Mauricio” Indians). Like in the Latvian case - the basic project is a military growth (plan – iron and 50 thousands Senegalians army).
As I know – Lithuanians leader basically is a crossbows master.

800 Estonians arrived in Nigeria in the North by "Begnan balima" ("Begnan country"). There is one this an independent country. Project - the gold, oil and support (nah, geology's resources rreceiving then - "from support") to this country VS. the possible Arabs. Estonian (I've mentioned - this nation is the too big for 15'th Century) Dorpats plan is the very intesive people supply.

Something of “why?” – attached images.
Sidste redigering: 09/22/2017 09:44 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/22/2017 14:08 #161066

Africa today is the basic theme in the Taurus Germany also.

Their invasion in the Western side of Africa.
"Today the Germans troops must be by Algeria..!"
Here my offer is this one map - Youtube.
Something probably is the incorrect here (Czech continuous belonging to Germany, "their Pomeranian coast" etc.).

But as for Africa, Taurians Germany is ready to repeat the same... For the Europians a Germany in Africa - it is do not the very known the view...


Germans today are in the 100 km distance by Moscow.

Before they fully do loosed 15 thousands elite soldiers by Malta. Died everything.

It was like here also. And this Germany VS. Malta invalidity principle was the no doubtful view of their end's beginning.
Today Germany do have 2 times smaller "air fleet" of ...England (with the various "evacuated"... French etc.). Of England only...

But for Nazi "it is impossible"..!

So Germany do started “with success in Africa and every are waiting the more news”.

An idiotism, but – something the very important to the Germans propaganda.

Attached picture – more as for Germany and the basic player of Taurus.

More of the hot...

Japanese today do turn back to “their Kharbin” (Khabarovsk) after the unsuccessful attack (100 thousands VS. 100 thousands) VS. the Russians in the West.
Sidste redigering: 09/22/2017 14:10 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/25/2017 11:03 #161082


The basic present days new - Turkish attack agains Constantinople (is such town - country there) yeaterday.
Turkey in Hercules..? It is a GREAT surprise to me also...
Only half yea ago the Volsks (Hercules "Mongols") were in the free going through this land (through Southern side). And they has no any idea as for potential, hidden in the North by the Kurds...

"Such Turkish" origin principle is the very funny like it was here...
Turks (from the horces compartment) are the "Ugro-finnized" Jazigs (The Southern weaker Sarmatians). Turks the all time seems like the Southern Alans neighborn people. Or - the nation with such a wish.

This tribe first time themself called as the "white Hunans" (in the wish to warn the Southern - Eastern enemies). Nah... Typo - they can to get a shelter in the Hunans space.

When in the North do appeared Khazars - "pre-Turkish" tribe ashamed do turned in the South.

In the new lands they declared them as the Turks. Typo - from the Turg's land (a center of Kazakhstan). Again - it does not a truth (Seljuks they could be).
But "it must to work as a focus for those kind people".

Turkish history at all is a going va bank with the focuses. The very often for the one success they were risking with the every military reserves and so one.

This nation now in Hercules do not have more of 1,5 people. And principle - do not have any the worker's kind person even. Typo - "we can to receive such people (lession from the Volsks) and after 20 years to do him as a Turk."

And they attacked Konstantinople, when their own coast is the too much military cheap.
Turkish soldiers group there - even the smaller of the mentioned city.
Nothing fortified... Army built on the any men using.
Military training is as the shame even.
Jusat - the scupulious preparing and the focuses...
The interesting nation with the believe in success only.

Greeks contra-attacked.

But - big Turkish army is in the travel to South.
In Saturday (our Saturday) their the basic amy must be in Egypt.

Sidste redigering: 09/25/2017 11:04 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 09/28/2017 14:51 #161114

Taurus Nr. 2 news.

Lithuanians invided in Poland.

Pleiades Star "Electra"...

Soppov's (it is a Stalin of Electra's Russia) soldiers invided in Persia.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/02/2017 11:03 #161136

Nah... World War 2 in Taurus. Today situatio

Russian army pressed the Germans out from Moscow. At a distance of 80 km to South.

But in the far East of Russia, Japanese do increased their Army Group up to 200 thousands soldiers. Today will be the very big and unexpected their contra-attack (I do believe - the influence will be "in our Russia's East" even). A chance - the Russians troubles with the food.

Germans did 6 Nazi-Ukrainians divisions.
But... Attached image.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/04/2017 10:30 #161151


Nah, every news here are the waiting news…
Lithuania sent 700 soldiers to “America”.
Estonia completed additional 2000 people group to Hercules “Nigeria”. Estonian-Latvian-Lithuanian “consortium” now from all this the very directed activity is governing appr.
20 perc. of the known Hercules World’s diamonds resources.
The very largest (but – the many unknown) do have “the China of Hercules” (here does not so... carbon - do not the diamods). Big the best diamonds resources do have Indeja (India).

Kolish ship achieved an Island, where Lithuanians were placed the 200 Kachubians (Germans employed soldiers-prisoners from the Western Poland). Kachubian = Kashubian, Pomeranian. This “Polish adventure” was the funniest to me.

“The Hercules Egypt’s ruler” is one of the biggest the World’s diamonds owner also. And… Now in the very difficult time to the Hercules Egypt (Evipt in their terminology). There is the very strong “Misr ("Egyptian") Omeyads kalifate” (exact “classification”). But their castle by Jersalim (yeah… to Evipt do belong “Hercules Jerusalem”) with over one thousand soldiers since Saturday (our time) is in the battle VS. among 12 thousands Turkish army. The big troubles are from the nuance of Evyptian expansion to the South… “Egypt” do wants be as a smart in a show by the appeared there French colonists (in Tanzania).
It is the little funny and the too big efforts due to the small French group in Tanzania (my understanding..?). Evipt even sent a delegation (now they are in area of Tunisia… comparable) directly to France for negotiations. The interesting are the moods there – “France can to help to regulate the black continent…” From another side comes the Turkish with the promises to stabilize an Islam and to make him a stronger. So… Evipt is by the danger to be called as the “heretics”.
The one message as for Turkey already was here. An attached image – the very scrupulous (something of the exact) nuances concerning the “Hercules Egypt”.

Kyiv do decided the very original historical project to send the big number soldiers VS. possible Turkish appearing by Constantinople. The first group will be over one thousand soldiers VS. in Bolsharia (Bulgaria of Hercules). Principally it means a project to do “Bulgaria” as the vassals by Kyiv. It does not something like in our history.

Danish group in Southern “America” did a first sugar… With the very big euphoria…
Sidste redigering: 10/04/2017 10:32 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/05/2017 13:39 #161152

“Deutschland, Deutschland über alles
Alle Deutschen wissen da…”

Such is a Germany’s anthem in Taurus (some differences with our Nazi times anthem).

The new Skiltland’s anthem in Hercules is under preparing now and will be similar.
Skiltland, Skiltland - over all is…
Everytime in Skiltland here…"

This anthem principally is interesting. Because here is a very strong saying, that Church becomes a Nr. 2 (“do not the God is over the anything here…”). The later his using is the another question…

Nah… The basic questions growth was a Germany’s Skiltland’s the conflict by Kumma (Cuba). Ant this time the basic German fleet’s group with 7 thousands soldiers (was a message here) is by the Skiltland’s Islands, but this an attack – battle do not will happen.
Now by the Kumma is a deep midnight.

Here my wish is to warn, that due to the time’s differences the Hercules time NOW do have a 3 hours the difference in compartment with the our time. And unfortunately – if do You think to impress this a parallel World in the evening time – in Hercules everybody could be at a sleeping going. In the “their new World” could be an earliest morning and so like.

When in our Scotland is a time of 19 hours – in the Hercules Skiland at the same time are 22 hours. In their colonies at the same time is just an earliest morning’s start (7 hours of the morning in the time of seven o'clock in the evening HERE…).

5 Skiltish ships with the never seen the gold's number (appr. 100 thousands Skiltish pounds… 1 Skiltish pound is appr 1,1 of the Scottish pound) are yet in the return at home (nah… it is appr by the 60 tons). Now Skiltland’s king will be the most rich in Europe… An estimated their arrival – in the Monday (our Monday).

In the Taurus with the time is another thing...
When in the your Denmark are 8 hours – there are 6 only. Do not accidentally about this… America do sent a visible help in Lithuania (over one thousand soldiers and the few tanks even). Lithuanians indeed there are invaded in the Poland’s piece up to 50 km. And… In the view of this opportunity Americans are planning the big (30 thousands soldiers) intervention in the Danish island where is a Copenhagen. Yeah…

2’th Vilnius is in the Taurus Nr. 2 only… In the Pleiades “Electra” star “Lithuania” called country is also, but their capital city have a name “Burove”, in the Hercules Lithuania such city– “Kumai”.

Other thing is with Copenhagen name.

More of exotics. In the Centaurs Lithuania this capital city have a name Vindava.

Denmark is the very often country in another Worlds with the same name having capital city. No one Danish person from the any Denmark was received after death in the another World although their loyalty to such believes (“…we can to give a way in other World”). Just – now cloned Mads Mikkelsen is in the Sirius planet.
Sidste redigering: 10/05/2017 13:48 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/05/2017 23:19 #161157

kurtgustav, kan du ikke bare skrive dine indlæg på dit originalsprog? Russisk, finsk, ungarsk eller hvad det nu måtte være. Så kan vi bruge Google translate bagefter. Jeg tror faktisk, at det ville fremme forståelsen. Jeg får i hvert fald ingen forståelig mening ud af dine engelske og danske indlæg. Rent volapyk. Men måske driller du bare ved bevidst at snakke sort?
Sidste redigering: 10/05/2017 23:22 af vidaenmarte.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/06/2017 13:15 #161159

"Volapük is a constructed language, created in 1879–1880 by Johann Martin Schleyer, a Roman Catholic priest in Baden, Germany..."

So, I can, but...
do You are so big those things expert, then I am sure, You can to understand an any speaking construct.
Sidste redigering: 10/06/2017 13:18 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/06/2017 13:21 #161160

By the way (nah... something at the same) - today will be a big battle in Hercules Egypt (Evipt... was theme here) VS. Turkey.
Turkish Army now is splitted into the 2 parts for thye catapults making VS. Egyptian castle.
So, do appeared a chance to win against the one group...

Turkey. Today their plan is an attack agaist Constantinople again. 60 Kyivans already are there.

Within these days in the European North by Constatinople were delivered 6 thousands Turkish soldiers.

Sidste redigering: 10/06/2017 13:28 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/07/2017 14:50 #161168

Kurtgustav skrev:
"Volapük is a constructed language, created in 1879–1880 by Johann Martin Schleyer, a Roman Catholic priest in Baden, Germany..."

So, I can, but...
do You are so big those things expert, then I am sure, You can to understand an any speaking construct.

I see.

You do big nose ordinary control meccanism. You understand minimalistic approach to volapyk language, as used in Serbia from 1899 to 1945.

I hope that gav mening?

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/09/2017 10:43 #161172

O.K. And what is bad from..?

vidaenmarte skrev:
Kurtgustav skrev:
"Volapük is a constructed language, created in 1879–1880 by Johann Martin Schleyer, a Roman Catholic priest in Baden, Germany..."

So, I can, but...
do You are so big those things expert, then I am sure, You can to understand an any speaking construct.

I see.

You do big nose ordinary control meccanism. You understand minimalistic approach to volapyk language, as used in Serbia from 1899 to 1945.

I hope that gav mening?
Sidste redigering: 10/09/2017 10:44 af Kurtgustav.