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Aliens and Telepathy
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EMNE: Aliens and Telepathy

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/09/2017 14:11 #161175

Good. Today is an enough big the results day for the few Worlds at one time.

Carthage shit of Taurus 1. and the Aldenaranian Danish ships are in the successful return… They already do achieved the first continental Island..
By the Hercules America just do appeared 8 the Greeks ships with the big group of the new comers.
Americans today do decided an operation in Denmark after 5 days (in the Saturday… our Saturday).

At the same time today here appeared the Bollats ship with one a person, who do not have the any doubts, that he - it is the basic our “cosmic news…”. This a restored person. I do have a hope to find his filmed UFO within these days.

It is funny his version as for the last view before his trip. "The God's voice do said" (fully exactly - it was me) - ("he will be to get")... Voice was (as for opinion concerninh him)"Get it". Nah...
This person - a fully sceptic as for telepathy and the everything, that can do build him in the loser's position. "It can to affect people".

His cosmic knowledge from my point view could be the absurdist (people do wants a stability…). The aliens can be ashamed... REALITY IS ANOTHER... One example - due the first the Bollats restored people activity were murdered 5 millions people in Europe. Due to the Hunan turn to the North (from the Jews safety's needs by the Hunan danger)... Other the Bollats construct - the abnormally rich people as the necessarity (as a parallel with the "cosmic people comparable self-confidence)...

THE VERY ALREADY PEOPLE... And one of them today here...

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/11/2017 10:59 #161176

Nah... Hercules.

Eviptian representative alredy is in the return from France. Principle was developed a contranct as for French North by Evipt and ...and a French decision to agree (guaranty) the Omeyiads kaliphate (as the neighbors) only.

For me is an interesting this a nuance here, where the French do not understood.
For France this contract is a very important also. Because it does means hers excluding from the another country state... This contract do not will be valid, if over the French king could be something like a "St. Roman Empire" (is there something like so... the most important declaration to Warsia (Austria)) Emperor or so like. This dirrects a France into the higher independence's level.

France still is in the war state with the Germans and principle - with a St. Roman Empire... But the Germans now wants to do this in other view (something like St. Roman Empire inside the conflicts).

Omeyiads won a battle with the Turks. Their representative now is in the smartest French galley and still do not know this. To Evipt do appeared an oppurtunity to turn 100 Mamluks (due to the Turkish trophy arms using) to Libia.

But ...the Turks do won a battle VS. the Madyars (Hungary). 2400 Turks Vs. 1200 Madyars. Madyars, sent of Warsia has a wish to do a stronger show by the appeared Kyivans (for the St. Roman Empire prestige VS. the Kyiv's variants). After this now the Turks now are already in center of Serbia...

And the alive Turks number after the battle with Evipt is in any way the bigger of the winners soldiers group... The Turks damages (their 6 VS. 4) are do not so big.

But.. From the all the circumtances view now can be a possible the very unexpected French help to Evipt (from the need to guaranty a contract's member's stability).

Constantinople patriach now is in the sea trip to Kyiv. Kyiv wants to re-place this Orthodoxes patriarchy. It could be a big step for their independence also (against the Krewo's wishes be a Constantinople nr. 2.).

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/11/2017 10:59 #161177

The hot event in Hercules will be a Sunga's attack VS. the Germans.
(Sunga's chief gave such an order easterday).

It seems, it do not will be a big battle. Sunga VS. the Germans Group, who are cutting a forest. But for me it will be interesting as the first strong sunga's rifles show.

60 the experienced trained Sunga's "hunters" VS. the 200 heavy Germans + 300 the light armed Germans (nah... the German workers).

"The very light Sunga's rifle's" development idea in manything is from me.
Sidste redigering: 10/11/2017 11:06 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/11/2017 14:53 #161178

Nah. As for the "Kyiv VS. Turkey question in the Hecules.

In the continue of the prev. messages.

This matter is without the any question. When Turkey have do blocked the travels by Constantinople, they automatically became into the one only seller for the Crimea Tatars (in Hercules – "The Chertars") Khanate.

And by the Kyiv automatically do appeared the Turkish vassals (even – if it was do not declared).
In our the World in the simmilar situation, of course, it was the basic reason for Moscow to say – "Kyiv is a cheap and he do not have an any serious supporter". By the way – Crimea Tatars as a firstly do attacked Moscow's lands, with the need to show “how the neighboring Kyiv (nah… the any stuff there) is a cheap space”.
This also was in support to thhe Holly Roman Empire (does not exist the another serious resource VS. Turkey). Russia and Kyiv (or - who were somewhere there...) both do not started in the war against Turkey.

Now - in Hercules do appears something simmilar also and...

At the end, by the view of the various pretension (in the help to Constantinople do appeared a Genova soldiers group) Kyiv do prepared only a 600 riders group from their wassails Novgorod and Tishchevo (it is comparable like Vinnitsa).

The all team is under the Novgorod’s Duke’s (like typo “…semi-independent volunteer’s…”) command. They within this a trip through Wallachia (Moldavia) can also to get their supporters.

Attached image – the little bit about this "Kyiv’s Novgorod..."

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/12/2017 10:19 #161183

At this time in Ukraine of Taurus Germans do ended a Crimea operation.

In the North their Army do achieved the Luningrad’s controling land’s zone...

2 attached images for the question - The World's leadership in the Taurus example. Is it indeed the all is correct there, where it seems..?"


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/12/2017 10:50 #161185

Here is necessary to say...
Taurus do have simmilar Saxonan English America, like here.

The Renats (simmilar level like our... Rome - Rena city... the very different maps...) "American South could be the Germans..."
Their steps in this continent were like Skiltland's in Hercules. Is one nuance from, that in this planet do not were the Nazi (American Germans do blocked such "the old Germany's cultural way"). Here I do not have the doubts, that simmilar can be in Hercules (Germany, Japan...) from.

In the Dolphins planet here is possible to say - their Britain principally was do not Saxonan. And USA was a Celtic England like.

And... The Nazi Germany fought the 7 years there even...

Nah... Bye...
Sidste redigering: 10/12/2017 10:51 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/12/2017 13:32 #161187

I little know the Dolphins history and the biggest events. An example - the basic their NASA's attention today is the Renats planet (UFOs completition with the Pleiadians). Also... Today their Lithuania managed a new self-controling triangle UFO for our the World...

And I fully do promise, how they do impress the our future like „a norm according to their history (nah… if we will repeat their history’s way).
The many thing seems similar here…

Step Nr. 1 USA will attack the Northern Korea like it was there...
It could be the do not difficult:
1’th nah, Koran leader the vey visible is a homosexual and of course, he hate a half of his own population (women).
2’th The inactive Christians World do wants an increased status (Christ-Dem. Europe, Philippines and so like).

Step Nr. 2 Russia, will invade in Estonia for the Russians defence (in Estonia only). Here is an interesting is a nuance, that Estonia after this became like into the very Americans supported country (Estonian astronaut was in a forst stuff by our the World even... do impress - "our Estonian astronaut is a seriouser of Russia's" ).
NATO in this situation do concentrated the big forces (nah – Lithuania was a full of the Germans soldiers... the fully air control in Finland etc.). And … Russia came out of Estonia. It was a chance her to be like the very serious player for the big peace.

In this situation Russia did a big mistake, because she has a hope for the big American expenses and developed the own... From this happened the few serious crashes (again – the nuclear U-bot... and so like). In this was an end of the Russia’s ambitions to play a role of the World’s technologies securer.

From this do will start a commotion of the anyywhere placed technologies (will grow a NASA’s development or – the sub - technologies development).

An end.

As for the Dolphins I was a surprised, that our the Nazi Germans propaganda (marches etc.) could be the cheaper of their. Their Nazi do used the giantic drums, their automatic rifles were the more agressive etc.
Sidste redigering: 10/12/2017 13:39 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/13/2017 10:02 #161190

Nah... "Hi, Alkaideans".
Such our calling could be in the Renats World (our the sun's constellation is Alkaide). Funny, that the Dolphins do found and do visited this World year ago only.

The more funny nuance - in attached Picture (the green letters notice).

Renats is uniques World in this the nuance, that their Christ, restored after death, do suicided (do falled out from balcony).

After this they were living peacefully and now they do have the 9 milliards of population.
Restored after death Renats number is the very small.
Their the roads are in cement.
There do not exist a basketball, but they do brings a bag (is such one interesting game with the "racket - bags").

I exactly do not understood, but it seems, the few months ago their telescope do detected a 2'th other possible planet (in the other star's system's).


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/13/2017 13:17 #161192

Nah... And something for the weekend.

About everything were the previews in the earlier messages...

Taurus Nr. 2.
At the next morning, at 9 hours of your Copenhagen time, Americans will attack Copenhagen.

Hercules. Germans simple left a South by Sunga. 1400 The Warsians (nah... "Austrians") + 1400 Kolish ("Polish") knights do achieved Madyars (Hungary) for the battle with the Turks. By the way...
With the Hercules "Austrians" is an interesting nuance, that their origin is a fully separate Chatoi tribe.
England do decided to colonise an Argentine (it seems it will be this the same name like in the our World).
Constantinople Patriarch Simon now is by the Bolsharian ("Bulgarian) coasts in the trip to Kyiv.

Pleiades star Electra. Nah, the Gammanoids (was about also). Russia do occupied a half of Persia. Other exclusive as for this the World - an attached image.
Sidste redigering: 10/13/2017 13:23 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/16/2017 10:59 #161205

As for America in Denmark I do not knows. In Poland they do turned 12 km. Polish government in emigracy ido invited people to revolt.

The news from the Dolphins.
"From the earlier unknown space" they do restored after death one the Tyrannosauroidic girl (26 years, name do means - Sunrise). She has an asthma. The very pretty and talented... I little bit do knew her.
She - from the Hydra constellation (Virgus in the Dolphins terminology).
The exclusive news from the Human Civilization Nr. 3.

Especially - to the British...[/b]
Pisces or - the Centaurs constellation (in the Dolphins terminology).
An attached image. You will understood, why I do used the Dolphins terms also.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/17/2017 11:18 #161210

Alosauroids news.

Alemannian Empire (Germany) invaded to France (the same term).
The danger to French capital city Bristol (yeah… such term).
"Germany’s" capital city there is an Altingen.

This World is an important if do You wants to dream or - to correct the spiritual ideas. It is the very do not distant World. And even our the level's NASA's possibilities are the promising.

Alosauroids Worlds usually do have a large moon (the very impression). They (of course - due this...) are seeming as the very clossed and so one.

Attached images. As for the Kissanians (preliminarily...) You must to come back to the versions page nr. 2 here.

Here I do not wants to compete if do You wants to complete something more. Aquarius. Our World, it seems, in the certain areas there, is known like a Fish zodiac.
Sidste redigering: 10/17/2017 11:19 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/17/2017 13:36 #161211

Do You wants to get a smart the telepathy contact (nah... or - the moods) with the mentioned higher level Alosauroids..?

Then... Our the Sun is in the Luxus constellation acording to their terminology).
Dolphins the Sun - in Capella constellation.

And - 2 pictures of "what do You must to know..?"

The big trouble - if it could be a the Bollats restored person.
He can to know our the World's map, NASA's level and may was proceeded with the UFO's travel over us even.

One such, that I do knew, do have a Bollat's nick-name Buchi (other his name - in attached image)... Such could play - "in any way do impress his the planet's person like his the level"... He is a living by the market "Maxima" and of course - he is the more qualified Telepathist.
Sidste redigering: 10/17/2017 13:44 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/17/2017 14:09 #161212

Is the top of this page is my an announce about the 1'th Tamas's travel back to our the World.

Like do You see, now could be the emthy places, if were linked the Youtube's by such the reviews. but You easily can to find nah... principle - a review of his travel, with this a name's placing...

UFO Sightings October 10 - October 11 , 2017 - Submissions Compilation
"UFO Sightings October 11 - October 13 , 2017 - Submissions Compilation"

and... an Image.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/19/2017 10:16 #161220

Now somegthing the more interesting by the Picture, which was in my version concerning "The exclusive news from the Human Civilization Nr. 3."

As for the high the Dolphins civilization in the Pisces (I gave them 23'th Century - it could be the too much). Nah... The last my imaginating - they are something "like The highest the Renats for the Dolphins Nr. 1" (the more narrow nails).

I little bit do impressed their existance before, but do not was the very interested to think them (nah... telepathically You can to disturb them with the aliens versions, but it do not could be any the productive start in something real...)

Now - the very exact promising. In party with their the NASA's advertiser (an attached his image), reality with them could be such one - Their the level in the years years (in our time) could be 2064 (in their the World now - 2048).

The possible their travel here..?

Nah... my prognosis - after the 17 the years. So... It will be a big happiness to the our scientists, who are primising a first constact with the aliens still is possible...

The Dolphins Nr. 1 constellation's place them do have a name Ipses (such constellation). Our the constellation them - the Scorpion...

My I'll do not will write anything more here, so - Your step will be to impress and to lead those the future events.
In their planet the biggest American New York is a Mineapollis.
But ...Their the basic cosmic researches organisation (UCLA) is in the city Sietle (exactly - this a name).

At this time in observatory way they do agreed the 1 thousands the possible their (so - our also) kind the planets. As I do impress - they incorrectly do decided the too big Pleiadians World (because of the included vibrating impression by so big star). So much as for the their the level today.

They do detected our the planet and even do impress, that she do have the moon. Such the level today.

Hm... Nah... For the great UCLA...

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/19/2017 14:33 #161221

The highest level civilizations. Why do exist this..?
Some of my impressions. Without the excessive promises, that it is the exact truth.…

The “Bollates World”, an example is the very telepathically closed. There do exist an impression, that the norm’s question is all time visible and cannot be an unrespecting.
One is due to their introverted body complexity. Other – a support of their space’s impression. There are the 20 planets by one the Sun. It is the enough rare standards… Say to NASA – “Hey - Your World is in the stubbing the cheapest place?!”
Nah… Vatican could agree (like the another understanding)…

The being from such the World have easiest question how be seemed as the true leader.
Space's owning is a prestige many where.

Telepathic pressing can to give a big trouble to the ideas development if do exist the strong, the more exactly directed the collective moods as for “what as a norm must be to other. There does not exist so big feeling of the invisible argument's owner (ideas as for the leadership over smb.)”. Simple - do not exist the unknown things waiting. It is a big paradox - the highest level civilization, do contacted us - the Bollates are the most non-cosmic kind the race. They are the do not scattered, they do not liking a lot of the directions, and the talks about those possibilities. From this they do have this the level and from the same they do not wants be the known. Simple it is...

The same (20 planets) is in the Tarcians space (in image Bollates), where the 40 years ago do started a project for the 7 races… “The parallel Worlds” them in the one colony… Icl. our World’s kind people.
Other nuance – “our the Sun” is in the enough fat of the Worlds space. Without the various the too much poisoning air Worlds etc.

Attached pictur. The Bollates - the most moderately does exact locations detecting.
I do know their the moods - Dolphins in any way will find our the Dolphins after 100 the years (by the Bollates)..." There is a native people World (the very Jewish and the very patriarchal... 7'th Century level)
Sidste redigering: 10/19/2017 14:38 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/20/2017 11:54 #161231

Here – my corrections as for the prev. message – “Bollates”.
The planets number by their star is 12 (do not 20… such a mistake).
Their united Bollates colony is in the way of consideration only.
And again I can fully to guaranty, that the Bollates are the Stegosauroids kind the clever beings.

So much only.

Something of the very impressive if do You wants to impress the higher civilizations as the losers –
3 the attached images (nah… the most impressive choose can be the too expensive them also).

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/23/2017 11:07 #161247

Nah… The last as for the Bollats. You could be in the big mistake, by idea – “The clever cosmic Bollats were in all time the watching us…”. Does not. When Jesus do appeared in their the highest World, in the World Nr. 2 was a 8’th Century only and "those" were in the basic attention. Other as for their the level –

An attached image “Funniest”…

The probably most interesting news for us from the Pleiadians planet – Ringo Star (cloned) do opened an original American the bowling center in the Pleiadians Moscow. There You can to find the cloned people, Lenin’s idols etc. “Our Lenin”. Welcome to the “bowling – carnival” (indeed are the most modern the aliens masks with the smartly temporary pumping eyes etc.).
There You can to find few the Chuks even. But as for this the biggest Pleiadians mistake (their hope is to develop them in Caph up to the 20’th Century’s level) –

An attached image “Pigs”.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/23/2017 14:16 #161250

Nah... In continue. Was - the Neanderthal "chukas".
Now the new standards.

How You could be like the Neanderthal's affected person..?
The jaw's motions as the promising person's view... The throw down (in the human way... because the neanderthal still is the more addapted to throw the high branches) etc.


...Attached images.
Sidste redigering: 10/23/2017 14:20 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/24/2017 11:08 #161255

In the higher level Bollats planet You could be with an GPM kind mobile phone (“with the few phases of synchronity”…).

There the very ppopular a new the question is the artificially genetically modified the decorative trees parks. "Genetics as the mechanics". And their the very respectable view could be visible by people in the Tarcians World also…

Now few the knowledge, from the Bollates, when You can be a agreed as the fully their enemy, if do You know this.


And – something actual from the Delphinus constellation.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/24/2017 14:03 #161256

Nah... The fully unkown and the never others have seen the aliens space.

About this now due to the Centaurs news with the very "my added finger in this case"... Hey... Centaurs... I am a cosmic level the dinosaurs expert (image- prompt Nr.2).

I easily can to be as the most patient an expert of this question.

"Are possible the never known aliens..?" (an usual question - standard in ufology )
From the Bollats space could be - "Yes... It can be..."

Then my the next step was - "how it can be..?"
8 years of the various ideas about and just those conclusion like the already exactest now... An attached image...

The ancient Greeks level in the very different species space with the one question there... "How we are able to be..?"
Sidste redigering: 10/24/2017 14:12 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/25/2017 10:23 #161259

Forewer human shape's technologies (prev. mesage).

Here I can to say one the news from the Pleiadians planet.
Already I indeed do not have the doubts, that the few days ago was cloned one the known person (in station, which is principally a Ringo Star's bowling center's part).
Manybody do know him (and... one time I do invited him in this place).

So... By the help of the big patience, from his the help You principle can to impress a Pleiadians hospital for the mentioned "forewer human's medicine".

I do not will be... (there the much often are the head's fouchings )

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/25/2017 11:01 #161260

I do mentioned the Dolphins-Renats planet…

The higher closer civilization, which representatives very soon can to visit our the World even (as the most 1th "civilized aliens World").

Very bad, if they will draw the every efforts by our the World, when in their the “Fishes Constellation” in their terminology… (in our could be a Gemini, or – the Castor Pollux twins constellation) are the more relative civilization THEM.

"How is it?" may could be a long study's question, but already - again my the very radical “the endless conclusion”

1th Image. What the kind are the Renats…?
2th image. Renats Worlds, “The approximate locations…”

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/25/2017 14:16 #161261

As I do impress - Tamas Roska (restored after death) and Charles Henderson (copied) yesterday came back from the 1'th cosmic travel by the another Worlds.

They do watched our the World...
Later - they do visited Taurus nr. 2 to watch a War (in the Europe basically)...
Later they do watched shortly a Turkish Army VS. Warsian-Polish Crusaders.

Still was do not their battle of 6000 Turks VS. 3 thousands the elite knights. It will be yesterday...

Attached 1th image - what the basic they do not found in the Taurus nr. 2
(for science does not enough to say, that "it is somehing simmilar like the known..."). Does not...

Is the another Japan there... An image about.

THEY DO NOT FOUND THIS EVEN..? So much as for this, how much acurate could be "the do not disturb kind people science..."
Nah... "Already Brave Science + Already brave Terorism"... So much, as for "how is now in the our World..." Here - how PRINCIPALLY the Bollats do see our future "in acordance with their history. JUST... Without a question of "why?"

Nah, anti-sceptics science... Simple - "an immortal with the any mistake even..."

As a replic - 2'th image... million the killed talented people due to... "the most self-regulated" persons"... You must to remember - NORMALY it is the cheapest kind telepathy people WITH THE BIGGEST AMBITION TO DISAGREE THIS.

3'th image - a new the Bollats person, who do not remembers "who I do was in the World..?"
Do remember her.
Sidste redigering: 10/25/2017 14:18 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/26/2017 10:41 #161264


In process - an American planing ALREADY how to liberate all the Denmark from the Copenhagen Island.
Still a project is to block them (do not to go from "an edge")...

But as the basic telepathy's "inter-cosmic atmosphere form" you can to get a Pleiades Electra World.

Yesterday a "neighboring" colony (Tarcians) to Chevas colony (in this a page here as for my the exactest idea of his location) do received a person from his the World. And... care You.... Pictures.
Sidste redigering: 10/26/2017 10:44 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 10/26/2017 13:23 #161269

Alosauroids news. Emperor Saulius suspended a “Germany’s” growth.

As for one the nice their a person.
And – a notice as for the Lithuanians in other World. Theorically - they could be the best level symbio Telepathists there (still... just - they are no any the persons for this, "like a systeme"... why..?)

2 images.