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Aliens and Telepathy
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EMNE: Aliens and Telepathy

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/05/2018 15:14 #162598

Now – do not the cheaper “report” concerning "Pleiadians".
Their Russia with the president Anton Viktorovich Sokolov.

There is necessary to say – "see their Russia…"

In the Pleiadians activity it is an important point – America is playing little bit a role of the revisers... But Russia do have a 1th step here (with the Germany’s cosmic technologies). Because America do not has our the World's religion's personages.

Do You think – they can to revise a Bollats question then..? I do said everything...

Pleiadians do have a point view that do exist the persons – keepers of the question.
And they must be included olike an argument. "Are You smart to catch an idea...? Then unimportant – which the level do have Your society..."
I could disagree this the Russian idea like a simple "suiciders idea" (Bollats are wining by this "help" simple

To You here Rusdia could be an American offer also from the very original conclusion – "Russians Worlds (trully... the languages the forms… it is really strange...) are the very different in cosmos". You cannot to obscure – I do know Russians from other World (Yours an example) as the exact version to disagree the Pleiadians Russia”.

Nah… But…


Now again... The basic our the World's people, who could be the experts (nah... do not the indifferent people) of Your appearing in the "unknown them Moscow". HERE NOW... THE VERY OPTIMISED IMAGES OF THE REAL TIME..





2 weeks ago only...
Every they (even - speculations as for "cosmic dancer Shahty") are in Internet.
Shahty has the few brains operations (fully understandible to us the skull's openings) for hers survival.
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Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/06/2018 11:05 #162604

Pleiadians could say to You - "You do not knows this still the Bollats (prev reviews page) do not said..."

I'll try to say more of them is possible to see. Their an exclusive "The Hotest" cosmic searches (astronauts team of Russia + Germany)...



Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/06/2018 11:52 #162605

Hercules 15'th Century our kind people...
Here is necessary to say, because Pleiadians thee will be very soon.

Norwegians indeed are the enough rare nation, so something from Hercules (as for their the Norway here were reviews in the pages 13’th and 14’th).

Few other the events, which very soon will be there by the Pleiadians observers noses... Do remember - they are there from the Germany...



Skiltish team to decided an attack VS. Germans Island Mauricio (Martinica comparable)... Possible late trophy - Germans ships, who will be the in return from Southern "Amerca" with the gold. The rights legacy comes from the evacuated Indians inviting and their narrations as for the Germans terror.

Sweden agreed a contract with Krewo.
Shablers ("Crussaders") Order from this did an ultimatum for Letowe (funny... how they do impress something, when Krewo still do not received ths a contract..?) to leave Brussia and - an ultimaum for Kolianna (Poland in the Polish language's form there_ do not disturb them... Very funny...

More about - after the few days... Because...

In Hercules do exist the more of the various interesting decissions... Or - this in a waiting...
An example - by comming - Danish ships from Barbados (it is a space of US principle) with the 1'th tobacco... And goes the various discussions as for this activity...


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/07/2018 14:32 #162610

Nah… Here I must to say – Pleiadians just (in these my writing minutes do appeared by Hercules (so much as for the travels speed).
Nah… as for the especial non-waited an event-surprise them.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/10/2018 23:17 #162636

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Hej kurtgustav

Jeg har bare eet ? ....

Hvorfor skriver du ikke på dansk ??

Vi befinder os på et dansk forum ??

Har du IKKE lyst til at definere verdens mysterier sammen med os danskere ??


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/12/2018 14:08 #162647

Beklager - Danmark er ikke et autoriseret videnskabeligt institut (den danske kloge form er kun).
Alvorligt tema. Nogen forsøger nu at lave en Brussel som denne. Videnskabeligt godkendte versioner typo.
Min mening er enkel - for den frie ideer bevægelse ... Ingen særskilt Catalonien er et større onde (hvis det også er - for de frie ideer om bevægelse i de frie former) af en sådan Brussel som autoriseret videnskabsorganisation.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/12/2018 14:16 #162648

Meantime over our the World is one Pleiadians ship (there is a small kid’s view robot, that does not usually to the any others)…


After the Bollats (prev page) and the Pleiadians... Now – something as for the exact impression of the “dolphinians”.

It is a younger civilization.
1’th their project to acheave our the World was completed in the year 1968.

Up to our the year 1999 they do not has the guarantied UFO (strongly do not available as to identify) kind ships. Dolphins –planet is the very sufficient them, who do impress, that UFOs are from the do not the big populations having Worlds.
An example – their Israeli do have 5 mln. citizens (Bollats Israeli do have 25 millions). Their USA do have 500 million (Bollats – 1,4 of the milliard).

In any way…
The biggest building in the “dolphinians Kyiv” (fully new) do have 1400 mitters height.
(1 “dolphinian miter” is equal to the our 1,09 meter…).
So… Does everything simple..? Unfortunately the Moldavian language only is the enough exact language for the “dolphinians”. It is… Only a person from Moldova here can easily to understand a Moldavian person from the “dolphinians World”.


Person from their Finland fully do not will understand a person from the our Finland.
Difficult could be for the Danish also. I do mentioned – their Denmark do have a Paleontology museum which copy here is a Southern Korea’s parliament.


As for their serious cosmic plans… 2 colonies in the other planets building’s plan for 20 the years. Dolphinians (Tompson) were over the Bollats World within their new years celebrating. Turians space’s (by Cassiopeia) researches…

So… Our the World do not will be in the big attention… In any way - very soon here will be the Hammanoids (Delphinus) ship. Up to 21’th of Mart. The vey possible - UFO’s shows.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/12/2018 15:54 #162651

The basic Tarcians (people colony's in Big Bear constellation) the news – a new member. He was do clonned due his the own ambitions. Tarcians really are going to the question of dinosaurology... Canadian dinosaurologist from Tyrrell museum.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/13/2018 11:14 #162660

Human civilization Nr. 2 (Hercules Stars system).

Nah… Here I must to say here – Danish king today did an order to attack Norway.
In a waiting – the big Polish battle VS. Turks (up to – 38 000 Turks Army).

Letove king with the Viazma’s (it is comparable – Vitebsk) duke Andrey do organized army to occupy the all crusaders land… It could be principle a full Polish coast (nah... how to say "Polish"... the longer vassals of the Germans).
The big place with appr. 60 000 citizens (only) of Kachubians (It is like Kashubian) ethic group and the few thousands of the Germans.

Plan is includes a liber zone’s creating there. The basic administrative persons could be from “Ruthenia” (such calling of Byelorussia). Viazma’s interest is a port, because they are using basically the Latvian ports (Viazma is able to do this safely… With the ordered Greeks ships.
Letovia’s interest is to replace there the appeared Czech Jews. “Iraklians” (in the Hercules terminology). Germans do turned out them from Czech. It is appr. 40 000 the enough educated people.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/13/2018 15:59 #162663

Skiltland decided to do a prisoners collony in a South of new World, clossely by the Danish colony...
King is sending 4 ships with the various criminals.
Here is important to say - there is an island by Gayana (that does not here).


At this time Letove...


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/14/2018 12:16 #162672

“Illive soerste Dansk!” (Danish of Delphinus) - “Hello the sweet Danish!”

Nah… nobody understood…
Danish of the people Word in the Big Bear could be the more exact like here….

And – the few events there…
Norway Vikings ship was noticed in the Danish Island within his a return from Gibraltar's Islan.
Very soon the news as for the found new World will be a Danish discuss there…

Here is interesting, that through the Danish colony in England – it will be known there also. Then… Can be the England of this World as a leader also in the new geographic discovering…?
Unfortunately, by this England with a new population’s record ((“1 million English!”) do appeared a Normandy’s king Henrik with the 60 “tested” knights.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/15/2018 14:16 #162678

Correction as for prev. Vikings came back from the Bermudas Island (comparable)...
More is in review #162138

Sidste redigering: 03/15/2018 14:21 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/19/2018 14:55 #162698



Today is the Bollats fly to this the World of Big Bear, so - little bit as for their usuall the modern ships...




In Hercules...

Kolish king do decided do not be in the battle VS. Turks, but - to try a tactic walking (Turks is the too big number in the rare space with the smaller food's possibilities)...

Germans do stopped attack VS. Paris.

English king do decided to calculate a population (epidemic time, it seems, goes to end there).
Sidste redigering: 03/19/2018 14:57 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 03/20/2018 14:23 #162717



Our differences are the too much hyperbolized and usually can to show the Bollats having died Centaurs. Nah… do impress an alcoholic, which age could be 1000 years… In their planet Your weight could be 1,54 times bigger and centaurs usually do not impress, how the our kind people can to sit together in space with so big pressing. Indeed it is do not too difficult by the help of the extremely strong nose’s impression…
There, where atmosphere’s pressing could be 1,8 of our atmosphere. The World people, which weight could be 2,4 times smaller of the our standards. Nah, more..? London there is Lundon, the biggest building in America, in the New Castle city do have 3400 floors.

Now - their ships kinds...


The most exact comparable national languages in our the World do have the Norwegian, Maltese, Gabonan and Turkish people (“one two – and everything is understandible”)…